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PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Man & Teapot Recipe Card

Here is such a cute recipe card that you can print out for your collection and to give to others. It would be great to print out a bunch of these cards on some nice quality paper and have it all filled out with your favorite Gingerbread cookie recipes that you could then share with friends and families. Get the cards here.

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread House & Train Kits

If you haven’t gotten your Gingerbread House supplies yet there is no need to fret as Target has the Gingerbread Train and the Gingerbread House kits still available for only $9.99! Kits contain everything you need; pre-made icing, e-z build trays, lots of candy, cookie characters of trees, snowman, and Gingerbread kid. So, if you are able to get to your local Target store and purchase one of these kits, it is the perfect activity for your family and yourself especially if the weather is bitter cold, snowy and icy. Have fun with one of the Gingerbread kits!

PostHeaderIcon Fairy Tale Gingerbread Thatched Roof Cottage

Fairy Tale Gingerbread Thatched Roof Cottage

Not your average Gingerbread House! This Gingerbread cottage is complete with a thatched roof and chimney! Captivate young and old alike with this fanciful Heartland gingerbread cottage. It’s tucked behind a nut fence and landscaped with ice cream cone trees and gingersnap stones. The bungalow sports a roof of shredded wheat, sugar wafer shutters and a porch with candy posts. It’s a great family project, visit here for details.

PostHeaderIcon Estee Lauder Gingerbread Boy Cookie Perfume Compact

Isn’t this the cutest Estee Lauder solid perfume compact festooned into a Gingerbread Boy cookie that is decorated in white enamel “frosting” with two large green crystals for eyes and three large red crystals down his tummy. I knew that Estee Lauder that made a solid perfume compact in the form of a Gingerbread House but I didn’t know that Estee Lauder also made this adorable Gingerbread Boy solid perfume compact. So cute this one is!

PostHeaderIcon Happy Little Gingerbread House & Boy Cookie

Happy Little Gingerbread House & Boy Cookie

What a welcoming home for the holidays! Why not set one at each plate for your seasonal parties? Would be great fun to make these up for your annual cookie exchange too! Cut house and gingerbread boy from your favorite Gingerbread Recipe and decorate with quick-drying Royal Icing in festive shades and add sweet embellishments of gumdrops, pep-o-mints, and fantastic holiday sanding sugars. Yummy!!