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PostHeaderIcon 2011 Gingerbread House Kits Arrive at Costco


Hi everyone, just wanted to let you all know that the 2011 Pre-Made Gingerbread House Kits have arrived at Costco!! I know there are so many of us that anticipate the arrival of these pre-made Gingerbread House kits and the prices are always so great at only $9.99. Hurry and go get yours as you know these won’t last. Send us pics of your creations and we will be happy to post them up here on Gingerbreadfun.com


PostHeaderIcon Kicking Gingerbread Men Cookies – Ninjabreadmen

Linens ‘n Things is ready for the holidays and has a lot of neat Gingerbead items already displayed and ready to go home with you. We found these totally awesome cookie cutters that will turn your Gingerbread cookies into “Ninjas” and you will have Ninjabreadmen cookies. These are sure to be kicking good!! Visit here for details.

PostHeaderIcon Make a Half Eaten Gingerbread Man

Here we have another fun crafting projecting and this is for making a unique Gingerbread man ornament that is half eaten!! This one would make a great tree decoration or stocking stuffer. You can get the free pattern here for making a Half Eaten Gingerbread Man Ornament Decorations.

PostHeaderIcon Sew Sweetly a Gingerbread House Pincushion

Sewing  and sewing related goodies are making a really big comback especially the “pincushion”. Crafting pincushions is really an art in itself everything from felted creations of little mice, elephants, and Santa’s to decorative and collectible pincushions like this amazing Gingerbread House pincushion. When we saw this one on Flickr we knew right away we had to share it with all our Gingerbreadfun.com fans. For the holidays, why not craft up some sure to please Gingerbead House and Gingerbread Boys pincishions, these will surely be treasured as a delighful handmade gift. I would so love to recive a handmade Gingerbread House pincushion and would treasure it… I would keep it up in my craft room/sewing room always. Visit here for lots of Pincushion patterns. The pictured Gingerbread House pincushion can be seen HERE

PostHeaderIcon First Ever Reusable Gingerbread House

So, you want to make a gingerbread house this Christmas but you find that you simply do not have time to bake, re-bake and bake some more. Also, perhaps baking isn’t your speciality and you much rather decorate as it’s the decorating of the gingerbread house what really interests you. Now, there is a no bake, pre-made, re-useable gingerbread house that you can decorate apparently year after year after year and continue re-using. Interested? Read More Here about The Candy Cottage and their Re-Useable Gingerbread Houses.

PostHeaderIcon Spring Easter Gingerbread Houses

Spring is in the air! Easter is just around the corner and we are loving all the Gingerbread Spring/Easter goodies that we can make! There are so many pre-made Gingerbread House kits on the market today and it really makes it convenient to celebrate most occasions with a particular theme. Wilton makes pre-made Gingerbread House kits in bunny rabbit themes – Bunny Hutch and they are super cute. You can find kits that are pre-baked and pre-assembled and all you have to do is decorate! I think it would be amazing to decorate a giant Easter Egg Gingerbread House!! Visit here for details.

PostHeaderIcon Interactive Gingerbread Man Online Coloring Page for the Kids

Don’t have your box of color crayons handy? Not a problem. We found this Web page that has a great bit of fun for the kids. No need to worry about marking up the table cloth when a pen goes wide off the paper. This interactive color site has a fun Gingerbread Man that kids of all ages (yes, that means us too!) can color between the lines using their computer. There is a wide variety of color choices so no two finished pieces of art will look the same.

If you want to keep the creation, a print feature is provided for too. The default printing looks like a full size page of paper so the Gingerbread Man will be enjoyed by many.

There are many other holiday coloring outlines available, so there is something for just about everyone.

Christmas Online Coloring Pages

Boy and Christmas Tree
Boy with Christmas Tree on Sled
Christmas Bells
Christmas Candles
Christmas Carolers
Christmas Poinsettia
Christmas Puppy
Christmas Stocking Coloring Template Outline
Printable Christmas Tree Template Outline
Christmas Tree and Chair
Fireplace with Stockings
Gingerbread Cookie
Gingerbread Man
Letters from Santa
Old Fashioned Santa with Toys
Puppy in Stocking
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Santa and Attack Dog Color Game
Santa Claus

Santa Going Down the Chimney
Santa’s Hat Template Outline
Santa’s Reindeer in Snow
Teddy Bear in Gift Box
Trimming the Tree Decorations

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Crafts and Activities with the whole family

Gingerbread Women, Men and Houses isn’t just cookie making. There are a lot of fun things the Gingerbread Fan Family can do together. There are many craft ideas online, a few even offer templates and project outlines so there is a lot less resource hunting having to be done. And, I will admit it, they usually cover up my lack of drawing ability with already laid out artwork. Whew!!

Two sites you might be interested in.

Crafts for Kids” offers a page of fun resources, free for you to use:

Also, a resource for finding craft bits is Etsy. Usually people think of this site as having only completed work created by others. This is a link as an example to Gingerbread bottle cap art bits. You get quite a few for just a couple dollars that will take hours for your family to use as everyone creates their own favorite art.

PostHeaderIcon Free Gingerbread Man art for phone skins

We put together some fun art to make vinyl stickers out of for our iPhones. These will fit a variety of other phones too. Since it didn’t cost us anything but a bit of time to put together, why not share with you to use… for free.

Just download these art works (right click and save to your desktop or folder on your computer). The Gingerbread Man image can be used for the back of your phone while the little Candy art will work best for the smaller parts on the front.*

After downloading, just go to a service like SkinIt or Unique Skins that allow you to upload your image to use on a vinyl sticker they will print for you. These stickers are a great way of protecting your phones from scratches too.

This is what these images will look like on a iPhone 4:

Free Shipping on all orders at Skinit! Code: FREESHIP

Quick and Easy to use, create your own Unique Skins

*Please, respect our hard work and only use our art creations for your own personal usage. We are not releasing them to be used for business use or for anyone to sell and profit. Thanks!

PostHeaderIcon Pink Fantasy Land Gingerbread House

A truly sweet dreams pink Gingerbread fantasy! Visit here for the pattern and instructions.