Design Your Own! Gingerbread House Sticker Scenes

12 Design Your Own! Gingerbread House Sticker Scenes. Be sure to have these on hand for holiday baking day, Christmas parties or any holiday event! Kids will love decorating their own gingerbread houses with these removable stickers. Includes 12 paper 11″ x 8 1/2″ backgrounds and 12 sheets of repositionable and acid free stickers. (51 stickers per sheet). Get yours here!

Gingerbread House Scented Hot Pad

This one is great! This is a Gingerbread House Scented Hot Pad. Set a hot pan on it, and this Gingerbread House will scent your room with cinnamon and cloves. Heat-resistant 100% cotton 7 1/4″ x 9″ pad with polyester fiberfill. Spot clean. Imported. Visit here for details.

Gingerbread House Floral Bouquet

This would make a lovely gift for the New Year! This is a charming basket, shaped and decorated like an old-fashioned Gingerbread House….and the hand-painted detailing looks like real candy. The Gingerbread House Bouquet arrangement brings sweet memories of the holidays and the New Year and the bouquet is a perfect gift for all ages! Visit here to get yours.

Creative Gingerbread Cookie Cutters

These are not your traditional Gingerbread cookie cutters. I came across these and thought they were sure creative and a Must Have! Can you imagine baking up a batch of Gingerbread cookies with these cutter! Visit here for details.

Gingerbread House Building Tips

Even the most seasoned Gingerbread house architect can use a few helpful hints. Here are some suggestions that might help to make your construction more enjoyable and trouble free.

•  Cut all windows and doors before baking.

• You may build your house in stages over a few days or a few weeks time.

• Bake pieces one day, attach pieces for construction at another time, and add decorations even later.

• When you get ready to construct the house, spread your icing directly on a strong piece of cardboard, plywood, or a flat unbreakable tray to cover area where house will be built. This helps to create a strong foundation.

• To prevent having a lopsided house, be sure to hold the cookie sides in place until dry, or they won’t line up. My kids had trouble with this step because they were so excited to decorate the house with candy.

• You don’t need a large quantity of candy to decorate. Variety is the key and less is truly more.

• Food coloring can be added to brighten up your gingerbread house. However, certain food coloring will thin out your mortar and in most cases the candy will provide enough color for your house.

Gingerbread Candytown Dessert Plates

Candytown Dessert Plates. Perfect for holiday goodies, these candytown dessert plates have a fun gingerbread man design. The little Gingers have the cutest faces with big bright eyes and smiles! Use them to serve snacks at your next Christmas party or create festive cookie gifts for friends and neighbors. Paper. (8 pcs. per set) 7″. Not too late to order for the upcoming holiday!

Villeroy & Boch Mrs. Ginger Frosty Gingerbread Ornament

Villeroy & Boch Mrs. Ginger Frosty Gingerbread Ornament
I just came across an amazing deal on the Villeroy & Boch Gingerbread Fancy ornaments! You will love this one! The ornament is Brand New In Box and is from the Villeory & Boch Ginger Fancy collection that looks good enough to eat. This porcelain Mrs. Gingerbread Frosty ornament is gorgeous. The Villeroy & Boch Ginger Fancy collection resembles homemade gingerbread decorated with colored icing and almonds and Mrs. Ginger Frosty wears a lovely dress with apron festooned with almonds and heart and even has a bow in her hair. Don’t Loose Out! Hurry and get yours while quantities last. These Villeory & Boch ornaments are so very hard to find so get yours while available. Visit here for details.


I just discovered that famed dinnerware manufacturer Villeroy & Boch from Germany and Luxembourg, have Gingerbread decorations and collectibles! The Ginger Fancy collection also includes tree ornaments, candle holders, and cookie jars in such motifs as Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, Gingerbread Man & Woman, all of which make great gifts and decorations for the holidays, and if you love Gingerbread as much as me – then keep these out All Year Round.