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I came across all these Gingerbread themed stories and had no idea that there are actually so many. Yes, most are focused on children but they are still so darn cute. Below is a list of titles and author for you

Gingerbread Baby – Jan Brett
The Gingerbread Boy – Paul Galdone
The Gingerbread Doll – Susan Clarion
The Gingerbread Man – Davis Cutts
The Gingerbread Man – Eric A. Kimmel
The Gingerbread Man – John A. Rowe
The Gingerbread Man – Karen Lee Schmidt
The Gingerbread Man – Pam Adams
The Gingerbread Man – Sally Belly
The Gingerbread Man – Scott Cook
Maisy Makes Gingerbread – Lucy Cousins
Peek-A-Boo Gingerbread House – Scott McDougall
What’s in the Fox’s Sack? – Paul Galdone
Whiff, Sniff, Nibble, Chew – Charlotte

Remember the story of the Gingerbread Man?

Once upon a time there was a little old woman and a little old man, and they lived all alone in a little old house. They had ‘t any little girls or any little boys, at all. So one day, the little old woman made a boy out of gingerbread; she made him a chocolate jacket, and put cinnamon seeds in it for buttons; his eyes were made of fine, fat currants; his mouth was made of rose-colored sugar; and he had a gay little cap of orange sugar-candy. When the little old woman had rolled him out, and dressed him up, and pinched his gingerbread shoes into shape, she put him in a pan; then she put the pan in the oven and shut the door; and she thought, “Now I shall have a little boy of my own.” Visit here for more!

Juicy Couture Gingerbread House Charm

Juicy Couture Limited Edition Gingerbread House Charm

This is really a lovely charm and the fact that it is a Gingerbread house is even better! Colorful rhinestones decorate the roof and windows along with polished gold metal and enamel. The base of house opens to a tiny black terrier puppy dog. House has the Juicy Couture banner and gold crown symbols and comes packaged in a gold Limited Edition Juicy Couture box with pink velour lining and golden clasp.