Gingerbread Bichon Frise Dog – CUTE!

I know that it is still September but I am ready to get started on Christmas and the Holidays! I am looking for new Gingerbread items to decorate with and for me, what could be better than this Gingerbread Bichon Frise puppy dog and I have my own fluffy Bichon – Luna and I love Gingerbread so combining the two into this ornament is FAB! This cutie is part of the Joy To The World Diva Dog Gingerbread Series ornaments. That’s right, Gingerbread can come in all forms and ornaments are for sure a great way to enjoy Gingerbread even if they are not home-made or baked! This cute Bichon Frise dog wears a festive Gingerbread vest complete with candy canes and gumdrops. You can find nearly all dog breads with their Gingerbread attire at Holidaytreasures.