Kicking Gingerbread Men Cookies – Ninjabreadmen

Linens ‘n Things is ready for the holidays and has a lot of neat Gingerbead items already displayed and ready to go home with you. We found these totally awesome cookie cutters that will turn your Gingerbread cookies into “Ninjas” and you will have Ninjabreadmen cookies. These are sure to be kicking good!! Visit here for details.

Making Gingerbread Men Cookies on the iPad and iPhone

No, don’t use your iPad as a serving tray or a plate for your cookies in the oven. This is more about having fun making ‘digital’ cookies on your iPad or iPhone. The application available through the iTunes app store is ‘Cookie Doodle‘.

With the app, you choose your dough, roll it out, choose the cookie cutter, bake and then decorate to make them ‘your’ creations. Your cookies can be saved as an image or sent out with an email right from your iPad and iPhone. One cookie doesn’t say what you want to say? You can create a plate of cookies to share, giving you more oportunities to show your Gingerbread decorating creative side. Grab your copy of Cookie Doodle for a bit of family fun too, there is no charge to make endless number of cookies after the initial 99 cents for the app.