I Want to Eat My Shoe – Shoe Bakery Gingerbread Shoes

Gingerbread Shoes from Shoe Bakery

These are the most magnificent shoes ever!! Gingerbread designed shoes from Shoebakery. These are seasonal art pieces offered in very limited quantities. These Gingerbread heels represent the spirit of the season with gumdrop candies and decorations that resemble a Gingerbread house. To top the design off, the toes feature a mini wreath! Enjoy! Visit Shoebakery to learn more.

How to Make Glowing Gingerbread House Windows

Did you know using hard-boiled lollipops, isomalt and gelatin, can be turned into beautiful windows for your Gingerbread house that give off that ‘glow” of a warm fire inside the cozy house. Visit HERE for details to make this Gingerbread House

Hand Made Miniature Gingerbread Cookie Collection

Miniature Gingerbread Cookies

The gorgeous cookies measure (approximately 1″ in diameter) and are decorated with Gingerbread men and ladies.  Snowmen, reindeer, candles, Christmas trees, stockings, stars, candy canes, and Santa. Cookies are made from really tasty cinnamon snap dough from January to August and from September to December they are Gingerbread. Details here.

The Gingerbread Princess Christmas Cookbook

The Gingerbread Princess is a sweet keepsake book with a collection of irresistible Gingerbread delights! This book was created by a true Gingerbread lover and we hope the enthusiasm she has for Gingerbread engages you to get excited about Gingerbread too! You will find sweet recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, beverages, and hot and cold things too. Each 42page eBook offers dozens of tasty treats for Christmas, get-togethers and inspirational recipes for the holiday season. This one is perfect for stocking stuffers and gift exchanges and personal use.

Some delights you will discover are:

Alpine Princess Gingerbread Tree Cookies
Gingerbread Princess Chai Tea Chunks
Gingerbread Princess Oatmeal Cookies
Mocha Java Ginger Princess Bites
Deliciously Ginger Princess Caramel Cake
Mini Princess Gingerbread Cheesecakes
Vanilla Gingerbread Princes Crème Brûlée
Ginger Toffee Butter Princes Bars
Happy Princess New Year! Gingerbread Martini

Purchasing details here.

Gingerbread Galore at Hobby Lobby!

We were at our local Hobby Lobby the other day and look what we found – Gingerbread Galore! Everything you need for your Holiday Gingerbread decor is at Hobby Lobby. For those of you that don’t have Hobby Lobby’s in your town or know what a Hobby Lobby is, the best way I can describe it is the a Hobby Lobby is sort of like a Michaels craft store but soooo much better. Here are a couple pictures of all the Gingerbread we found at Hobby Lobby.

Creative Gingerbread Cookie Cutters

These are not your traditional Gingerbread cookie cutters. I came across these and thought they were sure creative and a Must Have! Can you imagine baking up a batch of Gingerbread cookies with these cutter! Visit here for details.