Gingerbread Cookware at Williams-Sonoma

Everyone was out shopping the “Black Friday” sales and yes, we were too. We ended up at the Williams-Sonoma store and they had the cutest selections of Gingerbread items from cookware, to spatulas, ornaments, to lots of bakeware. These Gingerbread goodies won’t last long so hurray and get yours now while they are in stock.

Gisela Graham Gingerbread Man Fabric Advent Calendar


We just think this Gingerbread Man advent calendar is just the sweetest! This Gingerbread Man advent calendar is made by Gisela Graham and measures approx. (h) 62 x (w) 43.5 x (d) 7.5cm and comes with a ribbon hanger. This one is sure to be a “keepsake” that can be brought out year-after-year. Just think what a delight it will be to have this cutie as your famiy’s advent calendar this year. Visit here for more details.

Hand Painted Gingerbread Man Tea Towel

Yummy Yuletide does not let us down this holiday season with all their sweet Gingerbread themed goodies!!  Here is an adorable hand painted Gingerbread Man tea towel and it’s as festive as can be with green and red dots, candy cane trim and says “Home Sweet Home”. This one evokes holiday fun!! Please visit here for details.

Gingerbread Room Spray at Bath & Body Works


I was at the Bath & Body Works store and OMG all their holiday goodies are out!! Bath & Body has so many Gingerbread items from room sprays to hand soaps, oils, loations, candles, hand sanitizers nad lip balms. I picked up this super cute and concentrated Gingerbread room spray and for $5 bucks!! At this price, I will stock up and even give some out as stocking stufferss. Get yours now while they last!!

Jumbo Size Inflatable Gingerbread Girl

This is a MUST for your holiday decorating. Gingerbread girl would look great as part of your holiday décor and just think how perfect she would be at your holiday party!! You don’t find these inflatable Jumbo size Gingerbread decorations everyday so please hurry and visit here to get yours.

Gingerbread Dog House for Your Dog

‘Tis the season to start making Gingerbread Houses and if you really want to try making something “different” then try making a gingerbread dog house in honor of your beloved dog!  I suppose if you search the internet you will find “dog freindly” ingredients to use if the gingerbread house you are making is for a dog to eat but, the ones we are showing you are intended for human consumption only. We actually found an article by the HoustonPress writing of an Annual Christmas Tail Gingerbread Dog House Competition and provided here are photos. Visit Annual Christmas Tail Gingerbread Dog House Competition for more.

Gingerbread Girl And Boy Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

These are so sweet! From Burton & Burton come these adorable Gingerbread boy and girl salt and pepper shakers. Shakers are dressed in their holiday best of red, green, and white holiday colors with accents of candy cane and pepper mints. What a wonderful stocking stuffer these would make as well as look so festive on your holiday table. Please visit here for details.

Gingerbread – year round recipes and fun to make items

Gingerbread doesn’t have to be only for the holiday time of the year. It can be enjoyed year round. We’re with you though, it does seem to taste better when the holidays and cool weather roll in.

A fun ‘Gingerbread’ book we happened upon looks like it might have use looking to summer and winter dishes to enjoy our love of Gingerbread. We found this over on the Kobo site, if you have a Kobo Reader or have installed the free Kobo app on your desktop or iPad/iPhone this is a great way to enjoy the book anytime.

“Gingerbread: By Jennifer Lindner McGlinn Beatrice Peltre – Who says gingerbread is just for the holidays? This unique cookbook shows how gingerbread can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert year-round. Reflecting the wisdom and creativity of a professional pastry chef and dedicated home cook Gingerbread collects 60 traditional and modern recipes. Start with simple yummy treats like Gingerbread Rum Cake and Sticky Toffee Gingerbread then graduate to building your own gingerbread house for the holidays. Any way you slice it these gingery goodies are sure to be a hit on any day of the year!”

The print version of the book is available on Amazon. This might be a book that is best enjoyed by the whole family gathered around the paper pages.


Target offering more Gingerbread holiday fun…

Target keeps putting out more Gingerbread holiday items. I know we went down these isles before so they must be putting things out as they come in. Before we had found the little Gingerbread houses as well Gingerbread Women and Man on trays (Gingerbread sightings at Target, big find!)… now we find these cute little stuffed patchwork Gingerbread folks. Sorry the picture isn’t as clear as the shots we took earlier, the area was a mob of folks grabbing up things so supplies might be short this year if you wait very long.

Speaking of ‘short in supply’, last year we complained that everyone’s Gingerbread wrapping paper went out of stock way before wrapping time. We were overjoyed to see a nice supply in Target’s paper area this year… needless to say, we stocked up. We have a chance over the weekend, we’ll pull out the scraps from last year to let you know if the pattern has changed for this year.


Gingerbread House Lighted Cupcake Christmas Decoration

This is a gorgeous Gingerbread cupcake creation by Kurt Adler and part of the Gingerbread Kisses Collection. This Gingerbread cupcake house is decorated with lots of pink frosting and sprinkles, candy cane accents, star no top and wreath on door. Gingerbread cupcake house is detailed with LED lights and the entire piece glows like sugar crystals. Would make a wonderful gift or holiday decoration.  Please visit here for details.