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2009 March

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PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Decorating Tips


Decorate sides and let them dry before assembling.
If the Gingerbread components for your house are uneven, you can smooth off the edges using a fine grater
or trim according to your pattern while very hot. Use edible glue or freshly made Royal Icing for joining the components. Then simply dip the edges of the components into the thin consistency of royal icing and press them together.

Façade decoration: Brush the outer surface with dissolved sugar and stud with sweets. Decorate with cake icing piped decoration using icing sugar. Leave to stand for awhile; add more icing sugar if necessary. Stir until the mixture is smooth and thick. If you want to add color to your icing, add a few drops and stir well to thoroughly mix. For “snow” sprinkle edible glitter. Read more here.

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread House Limoges Box

A hand made and hand painted porcelain Gingerbread House form France from famous make Limoges! Inside is a drawing of a Gingerbread Man. This Limoges Box is signed: ‘Artoria Limoges, Peint Main, Made in France’ and is shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity from Artoria Limoges. This genuine Limoges Porcelain Box is hand painted and is numbered in a limited edition. Details Here.

PostHeaderIcon Nintendo DS Gingerbread Man Covers

These are so neat! I came a cross a very interesting site that has a Gingerbread Man Nintendo DS case. The cases are fully decorated with a Gingerbread Man, cream, adorable ornaments and a protective seal underneath, so your hand-held console would look as good as new when you remove it. Visit here for details.

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Pac Man Arcade Game Cookies

Aren’t these so cool! If you were alive in the 1980’s then you remember how the video game Pac Man was the most popular! We played Pac Man like crazy at my house and had so much fun trying get Pac Man to eat up all the dots and out-smart the ghosts! Even Mrs. Pac Man was a blast. Well, for a real Blast-from-the-Past arcade style, here are the neatest Pac Man Gingerbread cookies! Mix up a batch of regular Gingerbread Cookie dough and you can use a tulip flower-shaped cookie cutter to make the ghosts. Whip up some colorful royal icing and use espresso beans or chocolate chips for the “eyes” and your set!

PostHeaderIcon Wizard of OZ Gingerbread House

This one is AMAZING! This is a Wozard of OZ Gingerbread House complete with a Yellow Brick Road. Details Here.

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Log Cabin House

This is a really fine example of a Gingerbread log cabin House. This cabin has so much details in the intricate scrolls and swirls decorating it along with the simulated “logs”, windows with candles glowing inside, ornamental trim and details. Christmas wreathes and gorgeous green evergreen trees along a snowy path. Visit here for details.

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread English Brownstone House

This holiday brownstone Gingerbread House is a multistory urban house built rather close to the street and scaled similarly to surrounding houses and of course sheathed in brown stone. This Gingerbread Brownstone is decorated complete with a smoking chimney, holiday wreaths in the windows, jolly snowmen on the sidewalks and of course lots of people and activities. Visit here for more.