Gingerbread Hello Kitty at Build-a-Bear


We were holiday shopping at the mall and were delighted when passing the Build-a-Bear store to see a big window sign of a Gingerbread Hello Kitty plush. Here are some details.


This world famous gal is ready for the holidays, complete with a mistletoe bow! She includes a scented plush gingerbread cookie. Personalize her with clothing and accessories to make the perfect unique gift. Details Here for Gingerbread Hello Kitty

Product Details:

  • SKU: 019289
  • Height: 18.0 “
  • Product Weight: 15.0 oz

A Gingerbread Pinterest Board


Pinterest it seems is growing each and every day with new members. Pinterest is an online free community bulletin board where you get your own page and can pin photos virtually to your bulletin boards.  If you can think of a theme a color a subject then you can create a bulletin board to match and pin pictures you find online and pics of your own you upload. What’s cool about Pinterest is that your virtual boards start to get noticed by the Pinterest online community and they start to follow you and re-pin your pics onto their boards as well as “like” your pics by clicking the ‘like’ button and before you know it, you have a bunch of followers who like your boards and pictures and you too can like and re-pin their pics too onto your boards.

People are pinning holiday pics all day long and it is nearly Spring 2012. Well, being the Gingerbread fanatic I am, I have started my Gingerbread Pinterest board and am having so much fun. Do you all have a Gingerbread Pinterest board?

Sneak a peak at the Fort Concho Gingerbread Competition

We have to admit we didn’t know about this annual event. But, some friends where buzzing through and took some pictures to let us know what we were missing. There is some real talent at Gingerbread House building in Fort Concho! Great job to all 28 house builder entries this year.

If you would like to know a bit more, there are two local TV station mentions worth a look. This one is about a San Angelo family and their yearly get together to put their contest entry together. And another TV News video on the competition… it’s great to see so many folks joining in to do a local event like this one. There was some very loving work put into so many wonderful creations.

Here is one shot from the Jackson Family… be sure to visit their site to see many more pictures they took of the houses on display.

Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House Kits Now at Target

Target gingerbread halloween haunted house

Just at Target and saw that they already have their Halloween Gingerbread  Haunted House kits!Halloween falls on a Saturday this year so why not have a party and present this Halloween Gingerbread House as a focal point! This would be a great activity to make with your kids!!

Christmas Arrives at Costco!


This past weekend we were at Costco and found that they are already displaying Christmas and Holiday items. We spotted this Gingerbread House kit. Better get yours soon as we know what its like when they are all sold out!

Gingerbread House Kit with Holiday Tree $9.89. Easy to assemble.
Kit Includes:
Two Gingerbread Men Cookies
Gingerbread Tree
Gingerbread House
House Dimensions 7 1/4″ x 5 7/8″ x 7″

Disneyland’s Goofy & Gingerbread Men

In case you haven’t heard, we here at are also huge Disney fans and have been posting up some fun articles and pictures recently of all the Gingerbread fun that we have found at Disney. Here is a cute picture we came across with Disney character Goofy posing with Gingerbread men during a news conference on upcoming festivals in Hong Kong.

Vintage Santa’s Village Gingerbread House

Santa’s Village were the first franchised theme parks in the world. There were two Santa’s Villages in California 1950s & 1960s – today they are both closed. One was near Los Angeles, at Skyforest, near Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernadino Mountains. The parks sat on fifteen forested acres, eleven colorful buildings housed Santa Claus and his toy workshops. It was a fairyland setting for his gnomes, elves, Gingerbread kids and little animal friends make up a children’s and grownups’ paradise the year round.” A REAL Gingerbread House, where a Good Witch bakes Gingerbread every day. Visit here for more information and spectacular photos on this vintage theme park.

Starbucks Gingerbread Macadamia Nut Biscott

Coffee and Gingerbread Biscotti Sampler by Starbucks Coffee

We were at the Starbucks coffee drive thru this morning and wouldn’t you know it but right on the shelf they had a big bag of Gingerbread Macadamia Nut Biscotti! You can purchase the biscotti at your local Starbucks coffee shop or if you want the “Sample” you can order it online and it comes with the below. Three festive gingerbread macadamia nut biscotti pair perfectly with the classic sweet, spicy flavor of Starbucks® Christmas Blend. Pull a chair up to the fire and enjoy Starbucks® coffee in the classic Starbucks mug.

Starbucks Coffee, Mug & Biscotti contains:
·  2.5-oz. Christmas Blend
·  3 Gingerbread Biscotti
·  12-oz. Starbucks Branded Mug