Gingerbread Victorian Townhomes

Check out these fantastic Gingerbread townhomes! Imagination is really everything when it comes to creating homes from Gingerbread. These Victorian Gingerbread townhomes are decorated with huge windows that you know let in plenty of light, lacies around the roof lines, ornate little balconies, chimneys, stairs with flower pots, gardens and benches, and sweet landscaping. Visit here for details.

Spring is Here Gingerbread 3D Cake

Gingerbread is not just for Christmas! Why not spend a day with your family welcoming Spring with a yummy 3D Gingerbread cake. This Hopping High Rise cake takes 3-D design to new heights. A decorated Pre-Baked Gingerbread Bunny Hutch sits on a separator plate “treetop” that’s attached to the top of a Tall Tier Cake Stand column that’s been turned into a tree trunk. Recipe here.