Create a Gingerbread Photo Book in Minutes!

We found the cutest “Gingerbread” themed pages that you can use for an online or coffee table photobook created by you. These Gingerbread themed pages even come with red bows and darling little Gingerbread kids. If your looking for a fun and creative projective to use up all your Christmas pictures then create a coffee table photobook and just think how cool it will be to have it sitting out on your coffee table just in time for the holidays when all your friends and families come over. Visit here for details.

Salt Dough Gingerbread House Decorations

Decorating your Gingerbread House is fun and there are a lot of ways to creative with simple things and ingredients around your house. Have you ever used popcorn for making trees and bushes for your Gingerbread House? How about taking some red and green food coloring and tossing the popped corn into it for a red and yellow colored effect? Or, good old fashioned salt dough that can be colored, painted and glued. After mixing the dough, you can roll or cut it into different shapes which, after baking, can be painted with acrylic or poster paints, and further decorated with glitter, glued-on rhinestones or other whatever suits you. Visit here to get the recipe and more ideas.

Gingerbread House Bakery on Oregon Coast in Newport

These Gingerbread Houses are made from an original Gingerbread Cookie recipe. The bakery uses all the ingredients called for and took no short cuts. The bakery has built 5 houses this year and used approximately:

* 340 # flour (and spices)
* 200 # powder sugar
* 200 egg whites
* 160 whole eggs
* 45 # honey
* 75 # sugar
* 10 # baking powder
* 60 # sourball candies (all the windows are made of sour balls)
* $300 of cookies & assorted candies.

There are over 750 lights in and on the 5 houses. Each house took about 25 – 35 hours to complete. The total combined weight of the houses is over 500 #.

The Gingerbread Houses were baked, constructed & decorated in about a two month period. It took the entire Culinary & Stewarding Staff’s participation along with some willing Bartenders, Wait Staff, and many volunteer hours from Family & Friends to complete the houses.  Visit here for more.

Preserving Your Gingerbread House

For those of you that worked so hard to put your Gingerbread Houses together and wonder “how can I preserve” this Gingerbread House for next year and the next year? We found some good tips from the folks at gingerbreadlane.

1. Most Gingerbread Houses will need some sort of repair no matter what.
2. Store the Gingerbread House in a dry cool place like your garage in individual boxes with some fiberfill around them for padding and bulk.
3. You can spray your Gingerbread House to help in its preservation.
4. Store your Gingerbread Houses in multiple garbage bags and each bag should be securely tied with a twisty. Put the securely enclosed Gingerbread House in a cool place to store. If you live in a hot climate be sure to check the Gingerbread House every so often to make sure ants and other critters have not eaten a hole into the bag or box.

Visit here for more information.

Primitive Gingerbread Cottage Fixins Potpourri

If you like placing potpourri around your home or office and are looking for something that smells scrumptious and has Gingerbread in the mix, you might want to try this Gingerbread Cottage Mix which includes 7 Dipped Gingerbread men Nestled in Dried Orange Slices, Apple Slices, Prim. Rosehips, Cinnamon Stix & more. All Heavily scented in “Sweet Warm Gingerbread” oil, at least 5 heaping cups. Details here.