Gingerbread Galore at Hobby Lobby

Hi everyone! If you have not been to your local Hobby Lobby you better a get going as they have tons of Gingerbread goodies and they are On Sale! You can find Gingerbead Boy and Gingerbread Girl, Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Woman ornaments, Gingerbread decorations, snowglobes and Gingerbread girls and Gingerbread boys dinnerware and of course Gingerbread Houses. Tons of Gingerbreadfun at Hobby Lobby!!

Hard to Find Gingerbread Boy & Girl Sweatshirt

Gingerbread Sweatshirt

I am always searching for Gingerbread inspired clothing and it is nearly impossible to find any even during the Holidays. You either have to have something “custom made” or know a “handy dandy” crafter or someone with sewing skills to have something made. I tell all my friends and family to be on the look out for Gingerbread items during the year as that is always the most perfect gift for me!! Visit here for details on this fabulous Gingerbread sweartshirt. Sweatshirt comes in black or dark blue and there are also zipup hoodies in many colors. Love them!

MacKenzie-Childs Gingerbread Farmhouse Ornament

Another Neiman Marcus Christmas 2010 exclusive! MacKenzie-Childs has been crafting gorgeous one-of-a-kind whimsical works of art for over 25 years and for Christmas 2010 MacKenzie-Childs introduces this beautiful MacKenzie-Childs Gingerbread Farmhouse Ornament is made fin Poland from moth-blown glass and hand painted so no two ornaments are alike. Ornament is so pretty and measures 4″W x 2.75″D x 3″T.

Gingerbread House Prison, Not Your Typical Gingerbread House

Here at we encourage taking Gingerbread to “other levels” and not all creations should be “traditional” as non-traditional can also be fun! Well, we came across Gingerbread creations by the folks at Gingerbread Ghetto that really takes Gingerbread in a whole other direction; check out this Ghetto Gingerbread Prison Yard complete with prisoners, jail, inmates, guards and jail outfits too. Check out other nontraditional Gingerbread Ghetto themes here.

Neiman Marcus Giant Edible Gingerbread House by Dylan’s Candy Bar

I wouldn’t expect anything less from Neiman Marcus when it comes to magical Christmas luxury gifts! Here is an AMAZING Edible Gingerbread House – Weighing in at a whopping 381 lbs of gourmet Gingerbread and measuring 6.6 feet high by 5.25 feet wide by 4.1 feet deep, this life-sized House of Delight features an amazing 517 lbs of royal icing,  giant cookies, lollipops, gummies, mints, gumdrops and a sweet-encrusted roof, while inside you’ll find a lollipop tree “just for good measure”.  This stupendous Giant Gingerbread House is made by Dylan’s Candy Bar and Dylan Lauren is said to have found inspiration from the sweet movie Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Priced at only $15,000!

2010 Spicy Sweet Gingerbread Ornament by Lenox

Sugar and Spice makes Everything Nice Indeed! Isn’t this such a darling little Gingerbread Man ornament? This is the 2010 Lenox Spicy Sweet Gingerbread Man ornament and he is crafted from fine ivory china and colored in pastel hues and decorated with a candy garland. Lenox also has their 10 yr anniversary Gingerbread Man ornament for 2010 and he holds balloons and a cake. SO cute! Details Here.