Finally! A Recipe for Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

Finally – a Vegan inspired Gingerbread cookie recipe that is actually yummy. If you are Vegetarian then this recipe could also be suitable for you. This recipe blends the traditional spices and methods used for making Gingerbread cookies with a couple variations so they are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, even you non-Vegan friends will adore these. Visit here for recipe.

Lollibomb Whipped Gingerbread Body Frosting

Have you heard of a beauty company called Lollibomb? Well, they have some all natural and Vegan lotions and one of them is the Gingerbread Whipped Body Frosting! Looks delicious! The Vegan Whipped Body Frostings have been a huge hit for their mousse-like consistency and fragrances that last for hours and hours. This cruelty-free lotion is super scented and available in 8 Ounces of moisturizing bliss. Visit here to get yours.

Making Green Grass for your Gingerbread House

A Gingerbread house does not have to be for the Holidays or just Christmas anymore. We make Gingerbread houses for all occasions and seasons. Did you see our Spring Gingerbread house or our Tree House Gingerbread house? When making and decorating a Gingerbread house, your creation can be just about anything you think up and dream up. You can decorate the Gingerbread house to resembled a summer time ranch, a glorious winter wonderland, and if you create some green “grass” your Gingerbread house will be kicked up to the next level as not everyone creates green “grass” for their Gingerbread houses.  Visit here for details.

How to Make Southern Gingerbread Cookies

This recipe is rooted in the old deep south to make traditional, old-fashioned southern Gingerbread. You will find this a good recipe for making Gingerbread cookies, Gingerbread men, and even Gingerbread houses. Old fashioned family recipes are always the best! Visit here for recipe and details.

Gingerbread Church

Make this beautiful Gingerbread Church complete with steeple and lovely decorations.

Lighting: Cut a hole in the Styrofoam for a light bulb.

Glue your house pieces together with thin consistency royal icing (Thinner icing soaks in and your house lasts longer before it dries out and falls apart. It should last several months.

Windows: Cut windows in your rolled out dough pieces. Add yellow crushed hard butterscotch candies. The candy melts while the gingerbread pieces bake. Continue reading here!

Low Carb MEAT Gingerbread House

Okay, this one is strange! We promised that on we would post up anything dealing with Gingerbread so this is no exception. True, it is not a traditional Gingerbread House made out of sweets but, it is a Gingerbread House. This one is made out of meat and lots of it and even some cream cheese for glue. Read more here.