It’s a free Gingerbread Man game for the iPhone

The Gingerbread Men are getting into everything these days. Now, a free iPhone game that is being talked about as a fun kids and adult game.

Think of it as a Run-Slide-Jump points game where you take your Gingerbread Man through moves to get him through his many challenges. And yes, there are ‘many’ challenges. Very much like a mini-Ray Man. Don’t expect a ‘Shrek’ level Gingerbread Man, Oven Break has a more simple view of our editable friends. You can choose the type of game from Training, Challenge, Universe Express and Christmas Mode (not currently unlockable).

This might be a game to grab now since the developer has stated that it may not be free forever.

Colossal Plush Gingerbread Man Dog Toy

These are about the size of most dogs, so for them, this could be a new play buddy. For larger dogs though these Plush Gingerbread Men are just right to wrestle with and play. What a great way to have more Gingerbread Men roaming the house.

They would have slipped past us since the main listing on the site was for a big bear. But this image was lower on the site so we checked out the ordering pull down and our new Gingerbread Man buddy was there. Even if you don’t have a dog, these could be fun to have standing next to a corner table. They have enough detail to be nice Gingerbread Men without having all the glitter that your four legged family member shouldn’t be chewing on. Did we mention this ‘toy’ is 15 inches tall?!

Gingerbread Men that have gone to the birds

A fun find! Looking around for Gingerbread Men to put in the yard, we happened upon this bit of uniqueness. Gingerbread Men made of birdseed.

We can’t forget out little flying friends so why not have our Gingerbread Men decorating our trees and bird cages?! Of course it will be sad to see our little Gingerbread Men go, but the birds will be happy and for a while you had Gingerbread Men everywhere you look. The description says they are weather resistant so they can be used outside too. Might be fun to have these outside even if we don’t have birds looking for lunch.

Found!! Gingerbread Man Strings of Christmas Lights

Year after year we hunt for Gingerbread Man Christmas lights. No, it isn’t that we have a lot or that we have issues with the ones we have. It is because everyone always runs out of stock very early in the buying season. And, they don’t sell outside of the holidays. When we see them, we usually grab a couple just to add to the strings we have around our home… and office.

Looking at holiday ornaments over at Bronner’s, we came across these, currently in stock. In case your looking around or need your Gingerbread Men lite up, Bronner’s has you covered… for now at least.

Family Gingerbread House Craft Magazine for the iPad

There is a service for small magazines called MagCloud that prints and ships single copies of magazines when ordered. This keeps the overhead for folks starting their own magazines down till it takes off.

MagCloud offers some of their magazines via their iPad Reader app (Free) at no charge. One that we noticed last night was a family craft magazine that included instructions for making a clay Gingerbread house. Fun for kids since they can just roll the clay back up if they make something they aren’t happy with. Most likely it will be the adults in the room that keeps playing with the clay to make the perfect little house.

If you don’t own an iPad, you can stil buy a copy of the holiday craft magazine.

If you have an iPad, download it via iTunes from here. After you install the free magazine reader app, just look for craft magazines and download the one in the screen shots below, at no charge. Fun!

Hot Chocolate To Go with your Gingerbread Treats

Crunching on my favorite Gingerbread Man cookies is only half of the fun. To really round off  the fun, I like to have hot chocolate to go with it. Particularly with the temperatures dropping these days. Searching around for hot chocolate online options, I came across a little bundle called “Cocoa On The Go” for sharing out the fun with others. It’s a kit of a variety of hot chocolate drinks and a travel mug… all in a gift container. Sure sure… we ordered for ourselves too… it’s for testing before we buy others ones for gifts. OK, maybe it’s actually just an excuse to get more hot chocolate to go with the latest batch of Gingerbread Men coming out of the oven!

From Boca Java: This is a great option for you. Try our extire assortment of delicious hot Cocoas, included in the gift is 7oz of our Trio chocolate cocoa, 7oz of our Caramel praline cocoa, 7oz of our chocolate hazelnut mocha, and 7oz of double chocolate cocoa. Take it with you in our fabulous stainless steel Timbolino travel mug.

Free Gingerbread Man art for phone skins

We put together some fun art to make vinyl stickers out of for our iPhones. These will fit a variety of other phones too. Since it didn’t cost us anything but a bit of time to put together, why not share with you to use… for free.

Just download these art works (right click and save to your desktop or folder on your computer). The Gingerbread Man image can be used for the back of your phone while the little Candy art will work best for the smaller parts on the front.*

After downloading, just go to a service like SkinIt or Unique Skins that allow you to upload your image to use on a vinyl sticker they will print for you. These stickers are a great way of protecting your phones from scratches too.

This is what these images will look like on a iPhone 4:

Free Shipping on all orders at Skinit! Code: FREESHIP

Quick and Easy to use, create your own Unique Skins

*Please, respect our hard work and only use our art creations for your own personal usage. We are not releasing them to be used for business use or for anyone to sell and profit. Thanks!

3D Laser Cut Crystal Gingerbread Man

We were in a store and saw a bunch of  crystal shapes with holiday scenes cut into them. It seemed like a great idea for a Gingerbread man or a Gingerbread house but they had non. After a lengthy search on the internet we found a company (3D Laser Gifts) that takes our picture and cuts the images into the crystal. We did a couple out of excitement of course and will post pictures of them here when they arrive. Of course, you can do pictures of your family or other Gingerbread items, our mind was on a little gingerbread man town at the time so that is what we are trying out. We are hoping the 3D effect will really make the little town come alive. They claim quick turn around so we might have time to order a few as gifts too…

3D Laser Gifts non seasonal banner linking to home page.