Happy Halloween – Mens Shrek Gingerbread Warrior Costume

From Linens ‘n Things comes the Gingerbread Warrior is part of a band of warriors lead by the ogre Fiona. The Men’s Shrek Gingerbread Warrior Costume features a jumpsuit with printed warrior details including a twizzler belt with a gumdrop medallion, chocolate panels, and chocolate royal icing details. The headpiece has the Gingerbread Man making a mean face. There is a hole in the Gingerbread Man’s mouth that you can see out of. Make the Men’s Shrek Gingerbread Warrior Costume your Halloween costume this year. It’s also a great costume to wear as part of a group with all of your friends dressing as other Shrek characters. The lollipop weapon too.

Using a Gingerbread ornament as a pattern for a full size kids play house

I was over on Instructables today. They have a variety of fun Gingerbread cookies and houses that people show how they did the assembly. It’s a great place to see folks being very creative. They are creative both in design and materials used.

Just recently, a post appeared where an individual made a full size kids play house, using a Gingerbread House ornament as the starting point. The group of pictures outlining the steps from ornament to play house make it look easy enough to give it a try. It might be a good idea to draw the little ornament on a piece of grid paper and then redraw on a large grid… or use the company copy machine in magnify mode to bump the little ornament to the size kids will fit in. Most important, it looks like a lot of fun for us… and the kids.



Time for Seasonal Clif Iced Gingerbread bars!

It’s that time of the year when Clif comes out with their seasonal Sustained Energy bars. This year, they are bringing back our favorite Iced Gingerbread! They actually added a new Seasonal flavor this year, Peppermint Stick… which sounds good too! The other seasonal flavor, Spiced Pumpkin Pie, makes a return with the Iced Gingerbread.

Being seasonal means not all stores will carry them and those that do will only be for the next couple months. If you can’t find the Iced Gingerbread local to you, Clif sells on their Web site too. The 3 special flavors join the normal lineup of 16 year round Clif choices.

Green Mountain Gingerbread Coffee K-Cups

If you love your Keurig coffee brewing machine as much as we do then you surely love the NEW Gingerbread coffee flavored K-Cups!! These sell out super fast so stalk up now and you will have delicious Gingerbread coffee on hand for your friends and family this holiday season. Also, why not sit back and relax and sip your mug of warm Gingerbread coffee and remember that sugar and spice make everything nice. Get your Green Mountain Gingerbread Coffee K-Cups.