Christmas and Gingerbread All Year

It’s the day after Christmas. This is the time of the year most people think of as ‘time for Gingerbread’ due to all of the houses and cookies everywhere. We love Gingerbread year round… there is no reason a Gingerbread Man couldn’t be decorated with Valentines day hearts. If you find that you really need to be in the Christmas spirit to enjoy Gingerbread, there is the National Christmas Center, a spot that has the many views of Christmas. You can drop by anytime of the year and see the many fun sides of the holidays. We really enjoy the trains area under the tree… they weave through and around many Gingerbread Houses. Yum!

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3427 Lincoln Highway East (Rt. 30), Paradise, PA 17562

Zero Calorie Gingerbread Cookie Fun for Year Round


While creating a Gingerbread cookie that has zero calories might sound tasteless, I found a tasty way to send Gingerbread Fun for iPhone users. Gather the family around to roll out the dough, cut with a cookie cutter (many shapes), bake, frost and add sprinkles. Then, important for me… share your creations out via email! While I will still be giving out the oven baked versions, everyone I know will get a fun cookie email. Colorful creations from my iPhone (I bet it works on the iPod Touch too)!

Cookie dough: Dark Chocolate, Sugar Dough Supreme and of course – Gingerbread Delight

Frosting flavors: Lemon Yellow, Raspberry Red, Blueberry Blue, Sour Apple Green, White French Vanilla and Dark Chocolate

Cookie Cutters: 2010 New Year, Balloon, Party Hat, Car, Flower, Dog Bone, Cupcake, Musical Note, Ice Cream, Ball, Snowman, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Angel, Santa Claus and Stocking

Toppings: Red Hots, Candy Hearts, Candy Flowers, Silver balls, Red Hots, Sprinkles

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