Gingerbread Bedroom Mobile

A dreamy mobile, crafted from iced cookie cutouts strung from a painted embroidery hoop, is a simple, pretty lesson in the Scandinavian custom of decorating with Gingerbread throughout the holiday season. Use a combination of light- and dark-colored gingerbread cookies, but you can make them in a single shade. Decorate cookies with royal icing. Details here.

Gingerbread Baby Shower House

I came across this lovely and really unique idea for baby shower cake, why not have a Gingerbread baby shower house. The bit I have learned is that there is a bakery in San Francisco that makes them. The houses are so darling is baby soft pastel colors. I have lots of relatives that seem to have babies in December so this would make a Fabulous presentation at one of our gatherings. So cute!

Gingerbread Men Roll-Out Cookies

Christmas has just passed and we have eaten our share of Gingerbread cookies. Below is a recipe for some really delicious Gingerbread men cookie that can be made year-round; why not? Gingerbread does not have to be just for Christmas anymore! These Gingerbread cookies make really nice home made gifts especially when wrapped in cellophane and tied with a lavish bow. Recipe Here.

Gingerbread House Party

Sugarplum fantasies and gingerbread dreams, that’s what this special occasion is all about! Build a holiday memory by decorating gingerbread houses, a sweet and spicy tradition for all ages. Guests come with a few favorite candies and nuts and go home with one or more decorated houses! Use the full meal menu above or concentrate on snacks only with the top part of the menu. What a fun activity to look forward to every year! Visit here for details.

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Declares The Best Gingerbread Cookie

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Declares Newport Beach Gingerbread Cookie The Best.

Talk about a priceless endorsement. Today The View morning-talk show featured a Gingerbread Cookie contest, that included treats by Newport Beach-based Wonderland Bakery.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg was charged with tasting an assortment of cookies submitted from bakeries across the country. She picked the winner, which turned out to be… Wonderland Bakery, according to representatives of the local bakery, founded by Allyson Ames, shown right with a gingerbread cookie. Read More Here.

Gingerbread House & Train Kits

If you haven’t gotten your Gingerbread House supplies yet there is no need to fret as Target has the Gingerbread Train and the Gingerbread House kits still available for only $9.99! Kits contain everything you need; pre-made icing, e-z build trays, lots of candy, cookie characters of trees, snowman, and Gingerbread kid. So, if you are able to get to your local Target store and purchase one of these kits, it is the perfect activity for your family and yourself especially if the weather is bitter cold, snowy and icy. Have fun with one of the Gingerbread kits!

Gingerbread House Decorating Ideas

Once you have the pieces of your gingerbread house put together it’s time to decorate. Using your frosting mortar decorate your house using candies, cookes, and other edible treats. Here are a few decorating ideas to help you get started.

• Red and black licorice bites, ropes and twists

• Pretzel sticks, large and small
(fences, windows)

• Candy Pebbles
(border around house front or back)

• Melted Lifesavers
(pour on wax paper to create stained glass for windows)

• Hershey’s chocolate bars
(break pieces apart for shutters and doors)

• Chocolate chips
(as accent pieces of dark shingles

• Round swirled red and white peppermint candies

• Ice Cream cones
(cover in frosting for trees)

• Almonds, pecans or other nuts
(use as roof material)

• Shredded Wheat
(hay or roof material)

For more tips and ideas visit here.

Gingerbread Ornaments & Gifts Handmade by YOU!

Polymer Clay Express has so many neat ideas for crafting Gingerbread Houses and Ornaments that are all handmade by You! You can find templates and design ideas as well as tips and tricks for working with Polymer Clay.

If you live in parts of the USA that are effected with snow and ice, it would be a fun project to do yourself or with your children to make polymer clay Gingerbread goodies! Visit here for details.

Gingerbread House Building Tips

Even the most seasoned Gingerbread house architect can use a few helpful hints. Here are some suggestions that might help to make your construction more enjoyable and trouble free.

•  Cut all windows and doors before baking.

• You may build your house in stages over a few days or a few weeks time.

• Bake pieces one day, attach pieces for construction at another time, and add decorations even later.

• When you get ready to construct the house, spread your icing directly on a strong piece of cardboard, plywood, or a flat unbreakable tray to cover area where house will be built. This helps to create a strong foundation.

• To prevent having a lopsided house, be sure to hold the cookie sides in place until dry, or they won’t line up. My kids had trouble with this step because they were so excited to decorate the house with candy.

• You don’t need a large quantity of candy to decorate. Variety is the key and less is truly more.

• Food coloring can be added to brighten up your gingerbread house. However, certain food coloring will thin out your mortar and in most cases the candy will provide enough color for your house.