Gingerbread Puzzle House Dog Toy

These adorable, fun toys keep pets occupied and eliminate boredom! They’ll also help develop a dogs’ intelligence and puzzle solving skills. Works in reverse of a human puzzle in that your dog takes them apart then you put back together again! Dogs learn to think in order to complete the task. So cute, too! Makes the perfect gift. Visit here for details.

* Soft and plush
* Measures approx. 6″w x 6″h x 6″d
* Includes three “squeaking” inserts
* Durable, long-lasting toy

Gingerbread House Hand Made Hand Painted Gourd

It is never too early to get ready for Christmas and making these gorgeous Gourds! Visit this neat site where you will find a few of the tutorials that have been put together to help you learn a new technique working with gourds. The site has done the best they can to put the instructions into an easy to use and understand format.