Make a Gingerbread Man Quilted Ornament

Now is the time to start working on those Christmas crafts. We all know that ornaments are one of those Christmas decorations that never ever go out od style and Christmas is the time when hand made items are so cherished and desired. For those of you that are Gingerbread lovers and collectors and have family and friends that are too, here is a project for making quilted gingerbread man ornaments that will surely make excellent gifts and decorations for many years to come. You can find the instructions to make these Quilted Ornaments here.

Vintage Teacup Gingerbread House Worlds

Here is a great way to use up your dinged and chipped teacups and what a better way to recycle and repurpose your vintage and flea market teacups. You can create your own Gingerbread Christmas scene or as Mimi Kirchner, the individual that created the ones pictured here calls them “Gingerbread House Tiny Worlds”.  I could not find a pattern (so these might not be simple to create) but someone with some crafting and sewing skills could probably make one in a couple hours. Just think, a Gingerbread House Tiny World in a heirloom vintage teacup would make such a thoughtful handmade Christmas gift and would make an amazing hostess gift especially if you know the hostess’s china pattern of choice and create a Gingerbread Tiny World for her in that her own china pattern. Charming and sweet!!