Carrots, Rabbits, Eggs & Gingerbread?

How are your Easter/Spring Gingerbread Houses coming along? Maybe you are still looking for ideas or not sure how to make Gingerbread House creating a reality. Well, here we have some neat ideas for you! You can make Easter/Spring themed goodies out of Gingerbread and can transform the typical winter themed Gingerbread House into a “Carrot” Gingerbread House or a “Easter Bunny” Gingerbread House and while at it why not make some Gingerbread cookies using cookie cutters that are bunny shaped or egg shaped etc.. Williams Sonoma currently has a bunch of tool and kits to help you out!  Please send us your creation!!

Spring Easter Gingerbread Houses

Spring is in the air! Easter is just around the corner and we are loving all the Gingerbread Spring/Easter goodies that we can make! There are so many pre-made Gingerbread House kits on the market today and it really makes it convenient to celebrate most occasions with a particular theme. Wilton makes pre-made Gingerbread House kits in bunny rabbit themes – Bunny Hutch and they are super cute. You can find kits that are pre-baked and pre-assembled and all you have to do is decorate! I think it would be amazing to decorate a giant Easter Egg Gingerbread House!! Visit here for details.

St. Patrick’s Day Gingerbread Cupcakes & Cookies

Bring a bit of cheer and Luck O’ The Irish  to your friends and family this St. Patrick’s Day with a batch of delicious Irish themed Gingerbread Cupcakes or Gingerbread Cookies. Easy and simple decorations would be mixing up a batch buttercream frosting and adding green food coloring, use green jelly beans, green gummy clovers, and any type of green candy. Might be a little easier to decorate your gingerbread cookies with some tinted green royal icing and giving your gingerbread boys and girls some green pants or skirts and matching tops! Send us your St, Patrick’s Day Gingerbread creations!!! Recipes Here.