Preserving Your Gingerbread House

For those of you that worked so hard to put your Gingerbread Houses together and wonder “how can I preserve” this Gingerbread House for next year and the next year? We found some good tips from the folks at gingerbreadlane.

1. Most Gingerbread Houses will need some sort of repair no matter what.
2. Store the Gingerbread House in a dry cool place like your garage in individual boxes with some fiberfill around them for padding and bulk.
3. You can spray your Gingerbread House to help in its preservation.
4. Store your Gingerbread Houses in multiple garbage bags and each bag should be securely tied with a twisty. Put the securely enclosed Gingerbread House in a cool place to store. If you live in a hot climate be sure to check the Gingerbread House every so often to make sure ants and other critters have not eaten a hole into the bag or box.

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