Gingerbread Pac Man Arcade Game Cookies

Aren’t these so cool! If you were alive in the 1980’s then you remember how the video game Pac Man was the most popular! We played Pac Man like crazy at my house and had so much fun trying get Pac Man to eat up all the dots and out-smart the ghosts! Even Mrs. Pac Man was a blast. Well, for a real Blast-from-the-Past arcade style, here are the neatest Pac Man Gingerbread cookies! Mix up a batch of regular Gingerbread Cookie dough and you can use a tulip flower-shaped cookie cutter to make the ghosts. Whip up some colorful royal icing and use espresso beans or chocolate chips for the “eyes” and your set!

Primitive Gingerbread Cottage Fixins Potpourri

If you like placing potpourri around your home or office and are looking for something that smells scrumptious and has Gingerbread in the mix, you might want to try this Gingerbread Cottage Mix which includes 7 Dipped Gingerbread men Nestled in Dried Orange Slices, Apple Slices, Prim. Rosehips, Cinnamon Stix & more. All Heavily scented in “Sweet Warm Gingerbread” oil, at least 5 heaping cups. Details here.

Playboy Girls Next Door Bridget Marquardt Gingerbread Christmas Tree

I came across this picture of Bridget Marquardt from Playboy’s The Girls Next Door & a Gingerbread Christmas tree! Just look at all those Gingerbread boys and candy – WOW! It is never too late to start planning for next year’s Christmas and perhaps having your very own Gingerbread Christmas tree.

Gingerbread House Scented Hot Pad

This one is great! This is a Gingerbread House Scented Hot Pad. Set a hot pan on it, and this Gingerbread House will scent your room with cinnamon and cloves. Heat-resistant 100% cotton 7 1/4″ x 9″ pad with polyester fiberfill. Spot clean. Imported. Visit here for details.

Gingerbread House Floral Bouquet

This would make a lovely gift for the New Year! This is a charming basket, shaped and decorated like an old-fashioned Gingerbread House….and the hand-painted detailing looks like real candy. The Gingerbread House Bouquet arrangement brings sweet memories of the holidays and the New Year and the bouquet is a perfect gift for all ages! Visit here to get yours.

Gingerbread Bedroom Mobile

A dreamy mobile, crafted from iced cookie cutouts strung from a painted embroidery hoop, is a simple, pretty lesson in the Scandinavian custom of decorating with Gingerbread throughout the holiday season. Use a combination of light- and dark-colored gingerbread cookies, but you can make them in a single shade. Decorate cookies with royal icing. Details here.

Gingerbread Ornaments & Gifts Handmade by YOU!

Polymer Clay Express has so many neat ideas for crafting Gingerbread Houses and Ornaments that are all handmade by You! You can find templates and design ideas as well as tips and tricks for working with Polymer Clay.

If you live in parts of the USA that are effected with snow and ice, it would be a fun project to do yourself or with your children to make polymer clay Gingerbread goodies! Visit here for details.

Anthropologie’s Warm Gingerbread Candle!

This one REALLY smells so Yummy! We were at our local Anthropolgie store the other day finishing up some Christmas shopping when my husband spotted this candle. Upon smelling this candle, I HAD to have it. Candle smells like warm spicy Gingerbread. I put it up on our mantle and have not even lit it yet and when we got home yesterday my family room was enveloped in the smell of warm Gingerbread. Get your while they last.

Icicle Inn Gingerbread House

Icicle Inn Gingerbread House

A beginners dream! This Gingerbread house is not too complicated to create It is made from a pre-baked Gingerbread house kit. The pre-baked kits usually include the pre-baked Gingerbread pieces, decorating icing, assorted candies, decorating bags and tips, cardboard base and instructions. To decorate this one use white icing mix (included in kit), granulated sugar, gum drop candy rings, star candies, mini multi-colored candies, candy rounds (included in kit). Pretty much all you need to make this Gingerbread house is included in the pre-baked kit. A fun one to make with the kids!!

Old-Time Candy Shoppe Gingerbread House

Old-Time Candy Shoppe Gingerbread House

Isn’t this one darling! It is made from a pre-baked Gingerbread house kit. The pre-baked kits usually include the pre-baked Gingerbread pieces, decorating icing, assorted candies, decorating bags and tips, cardboard base and instructions. This particular Gingerbread house is decorated with: Assorted Colored Candy Sticks, White Gum Balls, Pastel Candy Wafers, Pastel Nonpareils Candies, Mini Tart Disc Candies, Marshmallows, Jelly Spearmint Leaves, Striped Gum Sticks, and Sugar Cones.  If this sounds sweet and yummy to you, visit here for instructions! Have fun, this one really is super adorable.