Gingerbread University – Center For Edible Education

Just happened upon an amazing university that specializes in Gingerbread education! Courses ranging from Gingerbread 101, 210, 301, 401- each designed to teach a different level of Gingerbreadology from basics to creating and decorating masterpieces!
Gingerbreadology 101 – One hour. Always available. Is a most popular activity. Perfect for children, mom’s, grandmas, grandpas & dad’s. Learn to decorate your own pre-baked, pre- assembled deluxe Gingerbread House or other specialty piece. Take home your own “one-of-a-kind” fully decorated, totally edible Gingerbread creation to display or consume! For more information visit the Gingerbread University.

The Best of Times Gingerbread House

This is the cutest Gingerbread house! Out front are seven Gingerbread kids playing on sleds and waiving from the balcony. The house is surrounded by green gumdrop pine trees with white snowballs. The house roof is colorfully decorated with a variety of flavorful candies and treats. Even the walkway up to the house is a sweet welcoming one and the balcony above is a statement piece of architecture for these Gingerbread kids. The Best of Times will be had for sure with this amazing Gingerbread House creation! Visit here for details.

Personalized Gingerbread House

Personalized Gingerbread House!

Red Envelope has their ready-to-order custom personalized Gingerbread house at a reduced price available for ordering now. If you do not think you will have time to make your custom creation this year or prefer to buy ready made Gingerbread house then this might be the option from you. The hottest property on the holiday real-estate market is this all-edible, 100% delicious Gingerbread house. It comes complete with a snowman doorman, candy-cane trim and gumdrop landscaping. You will know it’s the right house by the frosting nameplate over the front door. Order soon to ensure Christmas delivery.

Santa Calls It Home Gingerbread House

This one is really fun! Santa’s Gingerbread house looks so sweet and inviting. Gingerbread evergreen trees surround the property and a big sled over-filling with presents sits right out front. Santa Claus’s house is studded with candy chocolates in red and green Christmas holiday colors and there is a welcoming wreath out front and candy cane windows, and icing icicles and a very sweet front walk way. This one is going to be fun to make! Visit here for the instructions.

Costco Wonka Gingerbread Cottage Kits Available For $9.95

We were at Costco yesterday for our weekly trip and they have started setting out their Christmas and holiday items and we found a whole area of Gingerbread House kits from Wonka. Looks like these kits are pretty user and kid friendly and would be a lot of fun to put one together with your kids or if you are a teacher or teach bible class this would be a fun class project for young kids. If you are a Costco regular, you know to buy these kits now because they will sell out and you’ll need to wait till next year to find them again and at $9.95 – it is a deal as they come with pretty much all you need. Have Fun!

Mid-Century Modern Gingerbread House

What a neat Gingerbread House I found! Move over graham cracker cottages; there’s a new architect on the block and she’s a mid-century modern fan. This is a very unique twist to that old favorite. This modern Gingerbread house features a garage, a rock garden, and palm tress. The structure can be personalized and is 100% edible–within 30 days of unwrapping, that is. Comes fully assembled from Red Envelope, or just look at the pictures to build your own.