Marshalls has specials on Gingerbread stuff!!

Just by the local Marshalls store today and was excited to find all kinds of great Gingerbread items back in the specials area. There was kids aprons, Gingerbread Houses, cookie cutters, napkins and more and more! Since we love Gingerbread, we will find a need to use most of the finds (over half off special pricing on most items) throughout the year. Many will find their way into storage for next year though. Since everything is on sale, finds will vary depending on your particular store’s inventory… so, don’t wait around things are going to be all gone soon!!

The above ‘retro’ picture was taken with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone 4.


Felt Gingerbread House Plans… no oven needed for house building fun

Looking around for new Gingerbread House plans, we came across a few that needed no cooking. Gingerbread Houses made from felt. The plans are delivered via email as a PDF so they are in your hands right away and only 6 dollar US (pricing we saw on 12/19/2011). Of course, you need to have the felt. The nice thing about felt Gingerbread Houses though is they are quick to make, no cooking is required and felt lasts forever… though, it doesn’t taste as good as their Gingerbread cookie versions.


Gingerbread Dog House for Your Dog

‘Tis the season to start making Gingerbread Houses and if you really want to try making something “different” then try making a gingerbread dog house in honor of your beloved dog!  I suppose if you search the internet you will find “dog freindly” ingredients to use if the gingerbread house you are making is for a dog to eat but, the ones we are showing you are intended for human consumption only. We actually found an article by the HoustonPress writing of an Annual Christmas Tail Gingerbread Dog House Competition and provided here are photos. Visit Annual Christmas Tail Gingerbread Dog House Competition for more.

Oriental Trading Loves Gingerbread!

We have seen beads, a few ornament kits, and an occasional door hanging… but this year Oriental Trading has really stepped up the Gingerbread fun! They have 3D Gingerbread house kits and stickers and photo frames and more ornaments and more beads and mugs and… well, over 108 items to choose from. Here is a link directly to their site with the Gingerbread stuff already searched for and pulled together.

This used to be the place we would try and get the Gingerbread Holiday light strings, but every year they would run out.

Sew Sweetly a Gingerbread House Pincushion

Sewing  and sewing related goodies are making a really big comback especially the “pincushion”. Crafting pincushions is really an art in itself everything from felted creations of little mice, elephants, and Santa’s to decorative and collectible pincushions like this amazing Gingerbread House pincushion. When we saw this one on Flickr we knew right away we had to share it with all our fans. For the holidays, why not craft up some sure to please Gingerbead House and Gingerbread Boys pincishions, these will surely be treasured as a delighful handmade gift. I would so love to recive a handmade Gingerbread House pincushion and would treasure it… I would keep it up in my craft room/sewing room always. Visit here for lots of Pincushion patterns. The pictured Gingerbread House pincushion can be seen HERE

2011 Gingerbread Measuring Spoons

I know it’s July but can you believe Christmas will be here in just a few months and you’ll want to make sure you are ready and have al your Gingerbread goodies. Check out these super cute measuring spoons in the form of little Gingerbread boys. These are so darn cute!! Imagine baking those Gingerbread Houses with these cute kitchen spoons to help measure the ingredients. Details Here.

Carrots, Rabbits, Eggs & Gingerbread?

How are your Easter/Spring Gingerbread Houses coming along? Maybe you are still looking for ideas or not sure how to make Gingerbread House creating a reality. Well, here we have some neat ideas for you! You can make Easter/Spring themed goodies out of Gingerbread and can transform the typical winter themed Gingerbread House into a “Carrot” Gingerbread House or a “Easter Bunny” Gingerbread House and while at it why not make some Gingerbread cookies using cookie cutters that are bunny shaped or egg shaped etc.. Williams Sonoma currently has a bunch of tool and kits to help you out!  Please send us your creation!!

Family Gingerbread House Craft Magazine for the iPad

There is a service for small magazines called MagCloud that prints and ships single copies of magazines when ordered. This keeps the overhead for folks starting their own magazines down till it takes off.

MagCloud offers some of their magazines via their iPad Reader app (Free) at no charge. One that we noticed last night was a family craft magazine that included instructions for making a clay Gingerbread house. Fun for kids since they can just roll the clay back up if they make something they aren’t happy with. Most likely it will be the adults in the room that keeps playing with the clay to make the perfect little house.

If you don’t own an iPad, you can stil buy a copy of the holiday craft magazine.

If you have an iPad, download it via iTunes from here. After you install the free magazine reader app, just look for craft magazines and download the one in the screen shots below, at no charge. Fun!

WOW! Not Your Typical Gingerbread House

Here at we encourage taking Gingerbread to “other levels” and not all creations should be “traditional” as non-traditional can also be fun! We posted a while back a unique Gingerbread House creation from the folks at Gingerbread Ghetto and today we are sharing their creation of a Gingerbread House Check Cashing shop.  The Gingerbread House Check Cashing sop is decorated with red licorace rope to spell out the word “LOANS” and even has signs stuck on that say “Check$ Ca$hed” and “Money Orders”. Check out other nontraditional Gingerbread Ghetto themes here.