Gingerbread House Building Tips

Even the most seasoned Gingerbread house architect can use a few helpful hints. Here are some suggestions that might help to make your construction more enjoyable and trouble free.

•  Cut all windows and doors before baking.

• You may build your house in stages over a few days or a few weeks time.

• Bake pieces one day, attach pieces for construction at another time, and add decorations even later.

• When you get ready to construct the house, spread your icing directly on a strong piece of cardboard, plywood, or a flat unbreakable tray to cover area where house will be built. This helps to create a strong foundation.

• To prevent having a lopsided house, be sure to hold the cookie sides in place until dry, or they won’t line up. My kids had trouble with this step because they were so excited to decorate the house with candy.

• You don’t need a large quantity of candy to decorate. Variety is the key and less is truly more.

• Food coloring can be added to brighten up your gingerbread house. However, certain food coloring will thin out your mortar and in most cases the candy will provide enough color for your house.