Christmas Wedding Favors – Gingerbread Bride & Groom Candles

Gingerbread Bride Groom Candle
You’d be a smart cookie to choose these Gingerbread Bride and Groom Candle Wedding Favors as your Winter Wedding Favors! Here’s an adorable favor with lots sweet appeal! And it’s bound to be a crowd pleaser. Details here.

Gingerbread Jar Candle by Yankee Candle


This is the one that is so hard to keep in stock and sells out every time! 
A spicy warm gingerbread rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar candle. Experience the authentic, true-to-life fragrance, with pure natural spice extracts, and renowned Yankee Candle® quality that have made us America’s favorite. The traditional design of this signature jar candles reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that’s always at home. Convenient and easy to use, these long-burning jars provide hours of true fragrance enjoyment. They’re also the ideal gift for any occasion. HARD TO KEEP IN STOCK SO Get Yours NOW!