A Scrumptious Selection of Costco Gingerbread Kits 

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is time to deck our halls with gingerbread houses! This year, why not take a break from the classic homemade gingerbread house and pick up a pre-made kit from your local Costco? Let’s take a look at why you should buy one of these scrumptious selections. 

If you don’t have a Costco card to enjoy Oreos for Christmas wanting to be gingerbread, Amazon has a variety of Oreo kits you can get right away. 

The Benefits of Buying Pre-Made Gingerbread Kits 

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2020 Gingerbread Men at Costco

This year’s Gingerbread Man/House release at Costco is the StockMeyer 3 Gingerbread Men kit. It looks like the kit has all the bits to dress up as little or a lot. Since there are 3 in a box, each family member can have their own to get creative. We do love joining in together on a single house so we will watch out for those too.

It looks like the kit is only available in the store as it doesn’t come up on the Costco web site. We found them in the holiday candy area of our local store.

Christmas Arrives at Costco!


This past weekend we were at Costco and found that they are already displaying Christmas and Holiday items. We spotted this Gingerbread House kit. Better get yours soon as we know what its like when they are all sold out!

Gingerbread House Kit with Holiday Tree $9.89. Easy to assemble.
Kit Includes:
Two Gingerbread Men Cookies
Gingerbread Tree
Gingerbread House
House Dimensions 7 1/4″ x 5 7/8″ x 7″

Gingerbread Shrek Ty Gingy Beanie Baby at Costco

While at Costo we were looking over the movies and there was a big display of Shrek The Halls special holiday movie with “Gingy” the Gingerbread boy Ty Beanie baby. This is sure to be a collector’s item! I am thrilled as I now have a Gingerbread Beanie Baby! Hurry and get yours before they run out as they only $15.99.

Gingerbread Biscotti at Costco

Costco has just gotten in a large supply of Gingerbread biscotti. These biscotti have pecans in them and they are even iced with a vanilla flavored icing. These biscotti are so delicious! My husband put one bucket of these Gingerbread biscotti in our carriage for me and I could not wait till we got home to open and try one. WOW – these are super yummy and they smell so very good too! Each biscotti is individually wrapped. I have never heard of Gingerbread biscotti but I am so glad we were at Costco when we were. Hurry to Costco and get some for yourselves while they are in stock!

Martha Stewart Gingerbread Cookies at COSTCO

We were at Costco this weekend for our weekly Costco run and could not believe all the Gingerbread items that are available; keep watching here at www.gingerbreadfun.com as we will be posting pictures of these items in the next couple days.

I thought we’d start with these Martha Stewart Kirkland brand Gingerbread snowflake cookies. These Gingerbread snowflakes are beautifully decorated and already boxed so they would a make lovely gifts or holiday favors or better yet- a special dessert. Each snowflake-shaped cookie is hand-decorated with royal icing and sprinkled with sanding sugar and sure to dazzles your guests and taste buds too.

Costco Wonka Gingerbread Cottage Kits Available For $9.95

We were at Costco yesterday for our weekly trip and they have started setting out their Christmas and holiday items and we found a whole area of Gingerbread House kits from Wonka. Looks like these kits are pretty user and kid friendly and would be a lot of fun to put one together with your kids or if you are a teacher or teach bible class this would be a fun class project for young kids. If you are a Costco regular, you know to buy these kits now because they will sell out and you’ll need to wait till next year to find them again and at $9.95 – it is a deal as they come with pretty much all you need. Have Fun!