When Gingerbread Houses go green, the modern Gingerbread House

You knew it would happen, Gingerbread Houses step outside of the cute cottage world and go modern. Sure, we still build the fun little houses with the family. Looking like the many children stories that we grew up with.

Some rather creative folks make their Gingerbread Houses look like buildings and houses we know. While others give us a glimse of things yet to come.

We found a small collection of houses that while they are still Gingerbread in color, they are ‘green’ in what they represent. Houses with windmills, houses with recycled water of little blue gumdrops and houses that in the real world are made of bamboo.

Where do you start when eating your Gingerbread Man Cookie

December 4th this year is National Cookie Day. While most people will be eating little round cookies, some of us stick with our old favorites, the Gingerbread Man.

A question Dunkin Donuts asked this year of our fellow Gingerbread Man cookie eaters, “What do you start eating your cookie?” This question wouldn’t matter to them round cookie eaters but to us, we have that decision to make every time… Head? Arm? Leg? I’m not sure how I would answer if just asked, maybe a better test would be to just watch people. This is the second time they did a survey, with the question going out to 500 people.

From the survey, Dunkin Donuts found that 64% of the respondents start at the head!

Does this matter? According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, Neurological Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago:

“If one chooses to bite the head first, it indicates an achievement-oriented individual, a natural leader, who won’t take no for an answer. If the initial bite is the right hand, it reflects an individual who tends to be skeptical and pessimistic, while those who initially bite the left arm have a flare for creativity and are more extroverted. Those who first choose the legs tend to be more sensitive, reveling in the company of others”

Jump on over to the Dunkin Donuts site for the full story. Towards the bottom of the article is a couple nice recipes too!

Cookie Diva Mousepad