Salt Dough Gingerbread House Decorations

Decorating your Gingerbread House is fun and there are a lot of ways to creative with simple things and ingredients around your house. Have you ever used popcorn for making trees and bushes for your Gingerbread House? How about taking some red and green food coloring and tossing the popped corn into it for a red and yellow colored effect? Or, good old fashioned salt dough that can be colored, painted and glued. After mixing the dough, you can roll or cut it into different shapes which, after baking, can be painted with acrylic or poster paints, and further decorated with glitter, glued-on rhinestones or other whatever suits you. Visit here to get the recipe and more ideas.

Hosting a Fun Gingerbread House Decorating Party

There’s nothing quite as festive and entertaining during the Christmas season as entertaining friends and family with a fun party. Sometimes the trick to great hosting is having the unique party theme that stands out from the others. Well you have that this year thanks to a great Gingerbread House decorating party!

Grab your friends together or invite your children’s friends over to make a gingerbread house using delicious Gingerbread Cookies, colorful icing, candy buttons and other sweet treats. You might end up covered in icing and cookie dough crumbles, but it’ll create a multitude of fun and photo-worthy stories. More here.

Gingerbread House Party

Sugarplum fantasies and gingerbread dreams, that’s what this special occasion is all about! Build a holiday memory by decorating gingerbread houses, a sweet and spicy tradition for all ages. Guests come with a few favorite candies and nuts and go home with one or more decorated houses! Use the full meal menu above or concentrate on snacks only with the top part of the menu. What a fun activity to look forward to every year! Visit here for details.