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Gingerbread cake

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PostHeaderIcon Starbucks Coffee Gingerbread Loaf Recipe

If you enjoy the Starbucks Gingerbread loaf then this recipe is for you! Visit here for RECIPE details.

PostHeaderIcon Spring is Here Gingerbread 3D Cake

Gingerbread is not just for Christmas! Why not spend a day with your family welcoming Spring with a yummy 3D Gingerbread cake. This Hopping High Rise cake takes 3-D design to new heights. A decorated Pre-Baked Gingerbread Bunny Hutch sits on a separator plate “treetop” that’s attached to the top of a Tall Tier Cake Stand column that’s been turned into a tree trunk. Recipe here.

PostHeaderIcon Yummy Gingerbread Cupcakes – EASY Recipe

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Today, cupcakes are HUGE in popularity and gourmet cupcake shops are popping up all over. Since we love all things Gingerbread, this Gingerbread cupcake really “takes the cake”.  Recipe here!

PostHeaderIcon Amazing Lady GaGa Gingerbread Cake

Lady Ga Ga cake

We have found this amazing cake that is of singer Lady GaGa. And may actually have been presented to Lady GaGa! Neat Lady GaGa Cake!

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Coffee Cake Recipe

Visit here for recipe.

PostHeaderIcon Chocolate Gingerbread Hugs – YUM!

Start your New Year with a batch of these yummy Gingerbread Hershey Hugs!

3 squares (1 oz each) bittersweet or semisweet chocolate
2 Tbsp unsalted stick butter
1 box (14.5 oz) gingerbread cake and cookie mix
1 Tbsp all-purpose flour
1/4 cup hot water
1/2 cup granulated sugar
30 Hershey’s Hugs, unwrapped
Visit here for more!

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Man Cakelet Pan William Sonoma

We were at the William Sonoma store a couple days ago and they just received the limited edition Gingerbread Man cake pan. It is a nonstick baking pan that transforms Gingerbread Men from the traditional flat cookies to delicious little cakes. Pan bakes six individual Gingerbread Men shaped cakes with their familiar outline and three-dimensional detail so you can catch them right out of the oven and add currants for eyes and cherries for buttons.  I plan to whip up a batch of these tasty cakes this coming weekend.