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PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Advent Calendar

Gingerbread Advent Calendar

Each hand made Gingerbread cookie is removable and numbered from 1 to 24. On Christmas you eat the WHOLE base Gingerbread cookie (sized 15″ x 11″). Details here.

PostHeaderIcon Super Sweet Gingerbread Gumdrop 2010 Wall Calendar

Calendar gingerbread

OMG!! This isĀ  a must have for any Gingerbread lover! From sugary hills to gumdrop roads, enjoy 12 months of Gingerbread folks living the sweet life with a 2010 wall calendar. Each month is “themed”with Gingerbread and so very sweet – Gingerbread rollercoaster, Gingerbread Halloween pumpkins, Gingerbread Gondolier in Venice, Italy too! I have mine ordered and I can’t wait to put it up in my office. Details here.