Christmas Wedding Favors – Gingerbread Bride & Groom Candles

Gingerbread Bride Groom Candle
You’d be a smart cookie to choose these Gingerbread Bride and Groom Candle Wedding Favors as your Winter Wedding Favors! Here’s an adorable favor with lots sweet appeal! And it’s bound to be a crowd pleaser. Details here.

Anthropologie’s Warm Gingerbread Candle!

This one REALLY smells so Yummy! We were at our local Anthropolgie store the other day finishing up some Christmas shopping when my husband spotted this candle. Upon smelling this candle, I HAD to have it. Candle smells like warm spicy Gingerbread. I put it up on our mantle and have not even lit it yet and when we got home yesterday my family room was enveloped in the smell of warm Gingerbread. Get your while they last.