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PostHeaderIcon Hand Made Miniature Gingerbread Cookie Collection

Miniature Gingerbread Cookies

The gorgeous cookies measure (approximately 1″ in diameter) and are decorated with Gingerbread men and ladies.  Snowmen, reindeer, candles, Christmas trees, stockings, stars, candy canes, and Santa. Cookies are made from really tasty cinnamon snap dough from January to August and from September to December they are Gingerbread. Details here.

PostHeaderIcon Valerie Parr Hill 7 Gingerbread Village Soy Jar Candles

Valerie Parr Hill Collection 7 Gingerbread Village Soy Jar Candles

WOW! Gingerbread seven days a week! Enjoy the festive scents of a whimsical gingerbread village with this set of seven soy jar candles. Each deliciously scented candle is packaged in a quaint shop-themed gift box with a hangtag, making it perfect for gift giving. From the Valerie Parr Hill Collection.


* Tea shop box with 3.5 oz sugared orange-scented candle in orange
* Flower shop box with 3.5 oz buttercream icing-scented candle in yellow
* Candle shop box with 3.5 oz spiced sugar plum-scented candle in blue
* Candy shop box with 3.5 oz cinnamon candy-scented candle in red
* Bakery box with 3.5 oz oatmeal raisin cookie-scented candle in burgundy
* Cottage box with 3.5 oz homemade gingerbread-scented candle in caramel color
* Toy shop box with 3.5 oz peppermint candies-scented candle in green
* Gift box and hangtag for each
* Lead-free wicks
* Burn time is approximately 25 hours each

Visit here to get yours!