Using Fondant and Gum Paste to Decorate Gingerbread Houses

We found some really amazing Gingerbread Houses and Gingerbread Cookies that are highly detailed and decorated with fondant and gum paste (visit here). Fondant is made from water and sugar and sometimes lemon is added to flavor the fondant and I have fondant where almond is added.  Fondant is used for covering pastries and confections and creating a smooth surface for adding decorations and if you watch any of the popular tv shows like Amazing Wedding Cakes, My Fair Wedding David Tutera and Cake Boss, you see magnificent cakes and nearly every single cake is covered in fondant or has fondant decorations. If you are creative or want to try your hand and creating some super neat Gingerbread Houses this year then why not try working with fondant and seeing just what is possible. Like David Tutera says, “don’t just dream, but dream BIGGER”! Let your imagination soar!

Handmade Gingerbread Man & Coffee

Handmade Gingerbread Man & Coffee

Some people are sooooo talented! Came across this Gingerbread man cookie that is served with a cup of hot mochaccino coffee, all handmade from polymer clay. Really cute! Details here.

Martha Stewart Gingerbread Cookie

I enjoy watching folks get creative with Gingerbread and was pleased to see a slew of Gingerbread cookies in the form of celebrities! You can find Gingerbread cookies depicting the domestic diva herself ~ Martha Stewart, actress Nicole Ritchie, and reality tv star Dog the Bounty Hunter. Visit here for details and instructions.

Barack Obama 2009 Presidential Gingerbread Cookie

In honor of the 2009 presidential inauguration of Barack Obama taking place on January 20, 2009 under the provisions of the Twentieth Amendment to the United States Constitution we have found these unbelievable Gingerbread Cookies! Happy 2009 Presidential Inauguration Day!!

Gingerbread People Cookies

An easy and yummy Gingerbread Cookie recipe that you will find yourself making year after year. The ingredients are minimal and several folks comment who have made the cookies that you really do not need to refrigerator the dough for an hour and that some put it in their freezer for a few minutes till they can work with it. All folks say it is an easy and tasty recipe. Visit here for details.

Creative Gingerbread Cookie Cutters

These are not your traditional Gingerbread cookie cutters. I came across these and thought they were sure creative and a Must Have! Can you imagine baking up a batch of Gingerbread cookies with these cutter! Visit here for details.

Chocolate Gingerbread Hugs – YUM!

Start your New Year with a batch of these yummy Gingerbread Hershey Hugs!

3 squares (1 oz each) bittersweet or semisweet chocolate
2 Tbsp unsalted stick butter
1 box (14.5 oz) gingerbread cake and cookie mix
1 Tbsp all-purpose flour
1/4 cup hot water
1/2 cup granulated sugar
30 Hershey’s Hugs, unwrapped
Visit here for more!

Gingerbread Bedroom Mobile

A dreamy mobile, crafted from iced cookie cutouts strung from a painted embroidery hoop, is a simple, pretty lesson in the Scandinavian custom of decorating with Gingerbread throughout the holiday season. Use a combination of light- and dark-colored gingerbread cookies, but you can make them in a single shade. Decorate cookies with royal icing. Details here.

Gingerbread Man & Teapot Recipe Card

Here is such a cute recipe card that you can print out for your collection and to give to others. It would be great to print out a bunch of these cards on some nice quality paper and have it all filled out with your favorite Gingerbread cookie recipes that you could then share with friends and families. Get the cards here.

Gingerbread Men Roll-Out Cookies

Christmas has just passed and we have eaten our share of Gingerbread cookies. Below is a recipe for some really delicious Gingerbread men cookie that can be made year-round; why not? Gingerbread does not have to be just for Christmas anymore! These Gingerbread cookies make really nice home made gifts especially when wrapped in cellophane and tied with a lavish bow. Recipe Here.