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Gingerbread Cookies

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PostHeaderIcon Jolly Gingers – Modern Day Gingerbread Lifestyle Cookies


Came across these awesome Gingerbread cookies doen up in modern ways to match the lifestyles of today. You have got to check out these Gingerbread cookies made by Biscuiteers


PostHeaderIcon Making Gingerbread Men Cookies on the iPad and iPhone

No, don’t use your iPad as a serving tray or a plate for your cookies in the oven. This is more about having fun making ‘digital’ cookies on your iPad or iPhone. The application available through the iTunes app store is ‘Cookie Doodle‘.

With the app, you choose your dough, roll it out, choose the cookie cutter, bake and then decorate to make them ‘your’ creations. Your cookies can be saved as an image or sent out with an email right from your iPad and iPhone. One cookie doesn’t say what you want to say? You can create a plate of cookies to share, giving you more oportunities to show your Gingerbread decorating creative side. Grab your copy of Cookie Doodle for a bit of family fun too, there is no charge to make endless number of cookies after the initial 99 cents for the app.



PostHeaderIcon Using Fondant and Gum Paste to Decorate Gingerbread Houses

We found some really amazing Gingerbread Houses and Gingerbread Cookies that are highly detailed and decorated with fondant and gum paste (visit here). Fondant is made from water and sugar and sometimes lemon is added to flavor the fondant and I have fondant where almond is added.  Fondant is used for covering pastries and confections and creating a smooth surface for adding decorations and if you watch any of the popular tv shows like Amazing Wedding Cakes, My Fair Wedding David Tutera and Cake Boss, you see magnificent cakes and nearly every single cake is covered in fondant or has fondant decorations. If you are creative or want to try your hand and creating some super neat Gingerbread Houses this year then why not try working with fondant and seeing just what is possible. Like David Tutera says, “don’t just dream, but dream BIGGER”! Let your imagination soar!

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Tea Party Tea Room

GingerbreadTea Party

These lovely little Gingerbread ladies are all dressed up for the Holidays! Created on a 8″ x 8″ base, and standing approximately 5.5″ high, this Gingerbread cookie scene provides lots of detail.  You’ll see customers in the window along with the perfect high tea table settings. This is an amazing Gingerbread house. Details here.

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Advent Calendar

Gingerbread Advent Calendar

Each hand made Gingerbread cookie is removable and numbered from 1 to 24. On Christmas you eat the WHOLE base Gingerbread cookie (sized 15″ x 11″). Details here.

PostHeaderIcon Beautiful Gingerbread Girl Cookies

Amazing Gingerbread Cookies

The Queen of Cake- Colette Peters will show you to bake impressive cookies with your kids this holiday season. Basic Sugar Cookie; Gingerbread Cookies; Royal Icing…..yummy, yummy! Learn from the best! These gorgeous cookies would also make great gifts and stocking stuffers and would probably win you 1st place in any cookie contest. Read more here and recipe here too!

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Pac Man Arcade Game Cookies

Aren’t these so cool! If you were alive in the 1980’s then you remember how the video game Pac Man was the most popular! We played Pac Man like crazy at my house and had so much fun trying get Pac Man to eat up all the dots and out-smart the ghosts! Even Mrs. Pac Man was a blast. Well, for a real Blast-from-the-Past arcade style, here are the neatest Pac Man Gingerbread cookies! Mix up a batch of regular Gingerbread Cookie dough and you can use a tulip flower-shaped cookie cutter to make the ghosts. Whip up some colorful royal icing and use espresso beans or chocolate chips for the “eyes” and your set!

PostHeaderIcon Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Gingerbread Cookies

Aren’t these so cute! My husband and I are huge Disney fans so when we came across these Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse mini Gingerbread Cookies we knew we had to share them with our fellow Gingerbread fans. These Gingerbread Cookies are on a metal baking tray and can be ornaments ready to hang on your Christmas tree. Visit here for details.