3D Laser Cut Crystal Gingerbread Man

We were in a store and saw a bunch of  crystal shapes with holiday scenes cut into them. It seemed like a great idea for a Gingerbread man or a Gingerbread house but they had non. After a lengthy search on the internet we found a company (3D Laser Gifts) that takes our picture and cuts the images into the crystal. We did a couple out of excitement of course and will post pictures of them here when they arrive. Of course, you can do pictures of your family or other Gingerbread items, our mind was on a little gingerbread man town at the time so that is what we are trying out. We are hoping the 3D effect will really make the little town come alive. They claim quick turn around so we might have time to order a few as gifts too…

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Gingerbread Galore at Hobby Lobby

Hi everyone! If you have not been to your local Hobby Lobby you better a get going as they have tons of Gingerbread goodies and they are On Sale! You can find Gingerbead Boy and Gingerbread Girl, Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Woman ornaments, Gingerbread decorations, snowglobes and Gingerbread girls and Gingerbread boys dinnerware and of course Gingerbread Houses. Tons of Gingerbreadfun at Hobby Lobby!!

Gingerbread Galore at Hobby Lobby!

We were at our local Hobby Lobby the other day and look what we found – Gingerbread Galore! Everything you need for your Holiday Gingerbread decor is at Hobby Lobby. For those of you that don’t have Hobby Lobby’s in your town or know what a Hobby Lobby is, the best way I can describe it is the a Hobby Lobby is sort of like a Michaels craft store but soooo much better. Here are a couple pictures of all the Gingerbread we found at Hobby Lobby.