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PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread Crafts and Activities with the whole family

Gingerbread Women, Men and Houses isn’t just cookie making. There are a lot of fun things the Gingerbread Fan Family can do together. There are many craft ideas online, a few even offer templates and project outlines so there is a lot less resource hunting having to be done. And, I will admit it, they usually cover up my lack of drawing ability with already laid out artwork. Whew!!

Two sites you might be interested in.

Crafts for Kids” offers a page of fun resources, free for you to use:

Also, a resource for finding craft bits is Etsy. Usually people think of this site as having only completed work created by others. This is a link as an example to Gingerbread bottle cap art bits. You get quite a few for just a couple dollars that will take hours for your family to use as everyone creates their own favorite art.

PostHeaderIcon Goth Gingerbread Man in Coffin

As we begin to approach Fall and soon Halloween, its time to shift our thoughts to “spooky, creepy, and even scary” stuff so why not a neat and Goth style Gingerbread Man! Found this interesting creation on an Etsy shop – The Poisoned Apple. Etsy is a great place to shop online for unique handmade items as well as vintage collectibles and antiques. Another Etsy shop we like is Crazy4Me and they tend to have a nice selection of vintage items for the home and neat collectibles and of course Gingread items from time to time. Hope you are all enjoying the end your summers!