Get Ready for the Williams Sonoma Gingerbread House of 2022 Window Display! 

Christmas time is always a time of joy and excitement and this year, it looks like it’s going to be even more special with the newest addition from Williams Sonoma. This year, they have outdone themselves with their Williams Sonoma Gingerbread House window display for their iconic San Francisco store. It’s sure to be the hit of the holiday season! 

A charmingly sweet winter wonderland has been brought to life in San Francisco’s renowned Williams Sonoma! Step into a world of sugar-coated festivities, where candy kids frolic around snowballs and gumdrops line the paths -all nestled among frosty trees and twinkling Christmas lights. Witness the gingerbread bride & groom cut their wedding cake with love before enjoying a festive ice-skating pond created from sparkling bubbly bottles – it’s an enchanting scene that will bring holiday cheer like never before!

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When Gingerbread Houses go green, the modern Gingerbread House

You knew it would happen, Gingerbread Houses step outside of the cute cottage world and go modern. Sure, we still build the fun little houses with the family. Looking like the many children stories that we grew up with.

Some rather creative folks make their Gingerbread Houses look like buildings and houses we know. While others give us a glimse of things yet to come.

We found a small collection of houses that while they are still Gingerbread in color, they are ‘green’ in what they represent. Houses with windmills, houses with recycled water of little blue gumdrops and houses that in the real world are made of bamboo.

Sneak a peak at the Fort Concho Gingerbread Competition

We have to admit we didn’t know about this annual event. But, some friends where buzzing through and took some pictures to let us know what we were missing. There is some real talent at Gingerbread House building in Fort Concho! Great job to all 28 house builder entries this year.

If you would like to know a bit more, there are two local TV station mentions worth a look. This one is about a San Angelo family and their yearly get together to put their contest entry together. And another TV News video on the competition… it’s great to see so many folks joining in to do a local event like this one. There was some very loving work put into so many wonderful creations.

Here is one shot from the Jackson Family… be sure to visit their site to see many more pictures they took of the houses on display.

Hyatt Regency Austin Gingerbread Village – Open for 2010

Last year there was a lot of energy around the Hyatt Regency Austin Gingerbread house. It opened at the beginning of December so we went looking this year and found a few facts… but sadly no pictures! Looking to our friends out there that happen to be in the Austin area to snap a few fun shots.

As a reminder, this display opens on December 1 and shuts down on December 27th. This year they said they would have a new building based on the state capital. Fun!

It took the Hyatt staff over 248 hours end-t0-end and is made from 80 pounds of icing and 35 pounds of candy.

For pictures from last year, here is a Flickr page with many images. As well, here is a post all about what it took to make the 2009 village.

Gingerbread Galore at Hobby Lobby

Hi everyone! If you have not been to your local Hobby Lobby you better a get going as they have tons of Gingerbread goodies and they are On Sale! You can find Gingerbead Boy and Gingerbread Girl, Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Woman ornaments, Gingerbread decorations, snowglobes and Gingerbread girls and Gingerbread boys dinnerware and of course Gingerbread Houses. Tons of Gingerbreadfun at Hobby Lobby!!

Lorraine’s holds their Annual Gingerbread Contest


Lorraine’s Inc. Cake and Candy Supplies of Hanover held its seventh annual gingerbread house contest this last weekend. Visitors to the store in Hanover were invited to vote for their favorites. Entries were put into four categories: children’s (up to age 10); youth (ages 11-15); adult (ages 16 and up) and the ‘pros’ (5 years experience or being a previous first place winner). The winner should be announced today (the 15th)!
Take a look at their picture gallery to see the many entrants this year. There is also a video of the fun on the same page.

2009 Winners Grove Park Gingerbread Competition Ashville North Carolina

Each year the Grove Park Inn Resort in Ashville, North Carolina hosts the world-famous Gingerbread House competition. Gingerbread artists and decorators come from near and far to participate in this annual competition. Below are the 2009 winners that were announced this past November 16, 2009.

Grand Prize Winning Entry 2009 Grove Park Gingerbread Competition is Jodie Stowe, of Polkville, North Carolina.

First Place Winning Entry in the Adult Category – Created by Ann Bailey of Cary, North Carolina

Second Place Winning Entry in the Adult Category – Created by Billy Mochow of Burns, Tennessee

First Place Winning Entry in the Youth Category – Created by Lydia Gentry of Hendersonville, North Carolina

Gingerbread Decorating Tips


Decorate sides and let them dry before assembling.
If the Gingerbread components for your house are uneven, you can smooth off the edges using a fine grater
or trim according to your pattern while very hot. Use edible glue or freshly made Royal Icing for joining the components. Then simply dip the edges of the components into the thin consistency of royal icing and press them together.

Façade decoration: Brush the outer surface with dissolved sugar and stud with sweets. Decorate with cake icing piped decoration using icing sugar. Leave to stand for awhile; add more icing sugar if necessary. Stir until the mixture is smooth and thick. If you want to add color to your icing, add a few drops and stir well to thoroughly mix. For “snow” sprinkle edible glitter. Read more here.