Jumbo Size Inflatable Gingerbread Girl

This is a MUST for your holiday decorating. Gingerbread girl would look great as part of your holiday décor and just think how perfect she would be at your holiday party!! You don’t find these inflatable Jumbo size Gingerbread decorations everyday so please hurry and visit here to get yours.

My Cute Gingerbread Kids!

Gingerbread Kids Pillows

We were decorating the house up for the Holidays and my husband opened a box and pulled out these long-forgotten Gingerbread kids pillows. I don’t remember where we got them but they are part of our Christmas decorating each year and a couple years ago we had to pack up and move cross country and it has been 4 long years since I have seen these cuties! I love my Gingerbread kids pillows!!

The Best of Times Gingerbread House

This is the cutest Gingerbread house! Out front are seven Gingerbread kids playing on sleds and waiving from the balcony. The house is surrounded by green gumdrop pine trees with white snowballs. The house roof is colorfully decorated with a variety of flavorful candies and treats. Even the walkway up to the house is a sweet welcoming one and the balcony above is a statement piece of architecture for these Gingerbread kids. The Best of Times will be had for sure with this amazing Gingerbread House creation! Visit here for details.