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Gingerbread Wrapping Paper

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PostHeaderIcon Target offering more Gingerbread holiday fun…

Target keeps putting out more Gingerbread holiday items. I know we went down these isles before so they must be putting things out as they come in. Before we had found the little Gingerbread houses as well Gingerbread Women and Man on trays (Gingerbread sightings at Target, big find!)… now we find these cute little stuffed patchwork Gingerbread folks. Sorry the picture isn’t as clear as the shots we took earlier, the area was a mob of folks grabbing up things so supplies might be short this year if you wait very long.

Speaking of ‘short in supply’, last year we complained that everyone’s Gingerbread wrapping paper went out of stock way before wrapping time. We were overjoyed to see a nice supply in Target’s paper area this year… needless to say, we stocked up. We have a chance over the weekend, we’ll pull out the scraps from last year to let you know if the pattern has changed for this year.


PostHeaderIcon Hard To Find Gingerbread Wrapping Paper

Gingerbread Wrapping Paper

We were at Cost Plus/World Market the other day and came across this Gingerbread wrapping paper. I have been searching for Gingerbread wrapping for many years and just found this! Gingerbread Wrapping Paper is part of the “Holiday Passport” collection. $4.99, 30 inches x 6 feet a roll. Super cute and sweet this is! Collection includes gift tags, tissue paper, gift bags, and Gingerbread bows.