Create a Gingerbread house online… drag and drop family fun for all ages

Years ago, we found a site that let us have fun building Gingerbread Houses online. The site has gotten a bit outdated, which has resulted in email from our many visitors asking about new options. Luckily, this week we found another page that is helping us put together all kinds of ideas for new Gingerbread houses.

Starting with a clean house with a bit of frosting, just click and drag one of the many candy choices from the lower part of the screen up the house. The candies can be moved around as you like, they aren’t stuck where they are placed originally. When the virtual Gingerbread House is they way you like it, share with others by taking a screen shot or printing the page. Jump over to the Home Sweet Home page to start pasting candies onto your Gingerbread house.