On Sale! Juicy Couture Limited Edition “Gingerbread Man” Charm

If you didn’t get the Juicy Couture Limited Edition “Gingerbread Man” Charm for Christmas, don’t be sad because you can get it for yourself and it’s on SALE! Bloomingdales has the Juicy Couture Limited Edition ” 2010 Gingerbread Man” Charm  and yes, lots of other charms too but they are almost all on sale and prices are great. Many of collect the Juicy Couture charms so hurry on over to the Bloomingdales’s website and grab that cup of coffee or hot cocoa and start shopping!

Juicy Couture Gingerbread House Charm

Juicy Couture Limited Edition Gingerbread House Charm

This is really a lovely charm and the fact that it is a Gingerbread house is even better! Colorful rhinestones decorate the roof and windows along with polished gold metal and enamel. The base of house opens to a tiny black terrier puppy dog. House has the Juicy Couture banner and gold crown symbols and comes packaged in a gold Limited Edition Juicy Couture box with pink velour lining and golden clasp.