Oriental Trading Loves Gingerbread!

We have seen beads, a few ornament kits, and an occasional door hanging… but this year Oriental Trading has really stepped up the Gingerbread fun! They have 3D Gingerbread house kits and stickers and photo frames and more ornaments and more beads and mugs and… well, over 108 items to choose from. Here is a link directly to their site with the Gingerbread stuff already searched for and pulled together.

This used to be the place we would try and get the Gingerbread Holiday light strings, but every year they would run out.

Gingerbread Crafts and Activities with the whole family

Gingerbread Women, Men and Houses isn’t just cookie making. There are a lot of fun things the Gingerbread Fan Family can do together. There are many craft ideas online, a few even offer templates and project outlines so there is a lot less resource hunting having to be done. And, I will admit it, they usually cover up my lack of drawing ability with already laid out artwork. Whew!!

Two sites you might be interested in.

Crafts for Kids” offers a page of fun resources, free for you to use:

Also, a resource for finding craft bits is Etsy. Usually people think of this site as having only completed work created by others. This is a link as an example to Gingerbread bottle cap art bits. You get quite a few for just a couple dollars that will take hours for your family to use as everyone creates their own favorite art.

Family Gingerbread House Craft Magazine for the iPad

There is a service for small magazines called MagCloud that prints and ships single copies of magazines when ordered. This keeps the overhead for folks starting their own magazines down till it takes off.

MagCloud offers some of their magazines via their iPad Reader app (Free) at no charge. One that we noticed last night was a family craft magazine that included instructions for making a clay Gingerbread house. Fun for kids since they can just roll the clay back up if they make something they aren’t happy with. Most likely it will be the adults in the room that keeps playing with the clay to make the perfect little house.

If you don’t own an iPad, you can stil buy a copy of the holiday craft magazine.

If you have an iPad, download it via iTunes from here. After you install the free magazine reader app, just look for craft magazines and download the one in the screen shots below, at no charge. Fun!