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PostHeaderIcon Free Gingerbread Man art for phone skins

We put together some fun art to make vinyl stickers out of for our iPhones. These will fit a variety of other phones too. Since it didn’t cost us anything but a bit of time to put together, why not share with you to use… for free.

Just download these art works (right click and save to your desktop or folder on your computer). The Gingerbread Man image can be used for the back of your phone while the little Candy art will work best for the smaller parts on the front.*

After downloading, just go to a service like SkinIt or Unique Skins that allow you to upload your image to use on a vinyl sticker they will print for you. These stickers are a great way of protecting your phones from scratches too.

This is what these images will look like on a iPhone 4:

Free Shipping on all orders at Skinit! Code: FREESHIP

Quick and Easy to use, create your own Unique Skins

*Please, respect our hard work and only use our art creations for your own personal usage. We are not releasing them to be used for business use or for anyone to sell and profit. Thanks!