Petco wrapping up season with Gingerbread Dog Chews

All year, our pup enjoys her little rawhide chews. Keeps her teeth clean and gives her something to do rather than watching what we are cooking.

In Petco last weekend, we saw they were discounting their holiday chews and toys. Right up front where these fun rawhide chews… Gingerbread Men!! They are actually pretty big, these would take our pup a long time to work through. The chews don’t go bad just because it isn’t the holiday season, that is only for us. For dogs, they just know it’s a treat year around.

Remember this post a month ago? (Where do you start when eating your Gingerbread Man Cookie) I wonder if this is the case with dogs eating their Gingerbread Men too. Ha!

Gingerbread Fun continues at Antique Stores

As our little fun Gingerbread holiday bits and pieces go back into boxes, one place has the fun year round. Walking through our local Antique store this weekend we were greeted with a smiling face of a new Gingerbread Man pitcher. Well, new to us, it’s a few years old.

Looking around, we saw all kinds of fun Gingerbread items we just can’t live without. Some are very holiday based, others are cute kitchen items that will look great year around. Need a Gingerbread Man fix, just buzz by your local Antique store.