Gingerbread House Winery Vineyard

We have been in Sonoma and Napa Valley, Wine Country in Northern California and it is as gorgeous as you might have heard or seen in pictures. Everywhere we look we are surrounded by vineyards and the rolling hills and Chateus are stunning. There is a contest each year in Sonoma where the local wineries creat their Gingerbread Houses and (just think, a Gingerbread House winery vineyard) and here are some pictures of the 2010 winner that is designed by the Larson Family Winery. Below is an excerpt from Sweet Treats, the company that created this masterpiece and it will give an idea of what it entailed. Have you thought of making a Gingerbread House Winery?

  • Approximately 12-13 pounds of gingerbread
  • 9 pounds royal icing
  • Other ingredients: rice crispy treats, fondant, gum paste, and lentil beans
  • individual pieces were formed by hand
  • Signature wine bottles and grapes were formed using a “break away” sugar recipe using a    custom mold
  • The Larson Family Winery labels are printed on frosting sheets with food coloring
  • Everything is edible
  • Grape vines are made up of rice crispy treats molded to resembled grapevines and draped in chocolate fondant
  • Total Hours involved……..VERY LONG!