Christmas is Coming Early with the Christian Dior Harrods Gingerbread 2022 Collection 

Let’s face it, the holiday season can never come soon enough. That’s why the Christian Dior Harrods Gingerbread 2022 collection is here to give us a little taste of what’s to come. The perfect mix of luxury and Christmas spirit, these exquisite gingerbread creations are sure to make you feel festive in no time. 

The Collection Itself 

The Christian Dior Harrods Gingerbread 2022 collection features an array of intricate and beautiful pieces. There are classic gingerbread houses, as well as more contemporary pieces such as an Eiffel Tower-inspired house and a delicious teacup made entirely out of gingerbread. All pieces come in their own unique packaging, making them perfect for gifting or even keeping for yourself! 

We can’t recommend Hannah Ricketts’s vlog enough if you want to see what the masterpiece Dior gingerbread creations at Harrods look like – check it out here 


What Makes It So Special? 

The craftsmanship behind each piece is something that has to be seen to be believed. Each one was intricately designed by a team of professional bakers who worked tirelessly to bring these creations to life. The attention to detail on each piece is truly remarkable, from the tiny windows on the houses to the delicate icing decorations. There’s no doubt that this collection will become a treasured part of your Christmas traditions for years to come. 

Ease of Preparation 

If you’re worried about having enough time or skill to make your own gingerbread masterpiece, fear not! All pieces in the Christian Dior Harrods Gingerbread 2022 collection are pre-made and require minimal effort from you. All you need is some buttercream icing and a few other basic ingredients (all provided!) and you’ll be able to create your very own mini work of art in no time at all!  

The Christian Dior Harrods Gingerbread 2022 collection is proof that luxury and Christmas spirit can go hand-in-hand when it comes to baking. With its intricate designs and easy preparation process, this collection has something for everyone – whether you’re an experienced baker looking for something new or someone who has never baked before but still wants to join in on the fun! So don’t delay – get your hands on this stunning collection before it’s too late!

All photos from website.