Carrots, Rabbits, Eggs & Gingerbread?

How are your Easter/Spring Gingerbread Houses coming along? Maybe you are still looking for ideas or not sure how to make Gingerbread House creating a reality. Well, here we have some neat ideas for you! You can make Easter/Spring themed goodies out of Gingerbread and can transform the typical winter themed Gingerbread House into a “Carrot” Gingerbread House or a “Easter Bunny” Gingerbread House and while at it why not make some Gingerbread cookies using cookie cutters that are bunny shaped or egg shaped etc.. Williams Sonoma currently has a bunch of tool and kits to help you out!  Please send us your creation!!

Vintage Gingerbread Man & Girl Valentine’s Day Greetings

Just because Christmas is over does not mean our LOVE of Gingerbread is over! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we cannot think of a sweeter way to your “sweetie” just how much you Love you them then by a vintage / retro Valentine greeting card and how about making a Valentine’s Day themed Gingerbead House. Check back real soon as we will post all kinds of Valentines Gingerbread Houses!! Click on pics to enlarge. These are also referred to as Anthropomorphic greetings cards.

Gingerbread Feet so Yummy and Sweet

Gingerbread feet are yummy and sweet….okay, these are not edible but they SURE are cute! These are handmade by two sisters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish Bohemia has Gingerbread slippers for children and they come in the Pink Gingerbread slipper and Blue Gingerbread slippers. These slippers look so cozy and snuggly that they will keep those little feet warm and sweet!!

Primitive Folk Art Gingerbread Girl Doll Ornie Tile – CUTE!

Prim Gingerbred girl ornie tile

So pretty with a blue bow in her hair and a dress with hearts and flowers amidst a background of florals and polkadots. This would make  a wonderful gift for “someone special” and would be fabulous as part of a country / prim decor look! Visit here for details!

NEW! November Flavor of the Month: Gingerbread Man Ice Cream

Just in time for the holiday season, Premium Churned Light Gingerbread Man features a gingerbread flavored light ice cream with a touch of vanilla deliciously entwined with a cinnamon caramel ribbon.  The flavor will be available at Baskin-Robbins during the month of November, while supplies last. Details Here!!

WOW! Not Your Typical Gingerbread House

Here at we encourage taking Gingerbread to “other levels” and not all creations should be “traditional” as non-traditional can also be fun! We posted a while back a unique Gingerbread House creation from the folks at Gingerbread Ghetto and today we are sharing their creation of a Gingerbread House Check Cashing shop.  The Gingerbread House Check Cashing sop is decorated with red licorace rope to spell out the word “LOANS” and even has signs stuck on that say “Check$ Ca$hed” and “Money Orders”. Check out other nontraditional Gingerbread Ghetto themes here.

Hard to Find Gingerbread Boy & Girl Sweatshirt

Gingerbread Sweatshirt

I am always searching for Gingerbread inspired clothing and it is nearly impossible to find any even during the Holidays. You either have to have something “custom made” or know a “handy dandy” crafter or someone with sewing skills to have something made. I tell all my friends and family to be on the look out for Gingerbread items during the year as that is always the most perfect gift for me!! Visit here for details on this fabulous Gingerbread sweartshirt. Sweatshirt comes in black or dark blue and there are also zipup hoodies in many colors. Love them!