Fantasy Gingerbread Candy House

Set aside a day or two and enlist lots of help from the kids to create a memorable piece of family architecture with this Fantasy Gingerbread Candy House. You might want to document the roof-raising with photos or a video.
* Gingerbread Dough (see recipe below)
* House template
* Scissors
* Plain paper (at least 8 1/2-inches x 11-inches)
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Rolling Pin
* Tree or girl and boy cookie cutters (optional)
* Baking sheets
* Wide spatula
* Cooling racks
* Royal Icing “Glue” recipe (see below)
* Base such as a board, baking sheet, flat platter or cake stand
* Foil (if using board as base)
* Narrow spatula
* Plastic pastry bag or sandwich bag
* Colored icings in tubes (with decorating tips)
* Mini Chewy SWEETARTS
* Mini Chewy SPREE
* SPREE Candy Canes
* BABY RUTH Fun Size Bars
* NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER, NESTLÉ CRUNCH Fun Size Bars or Miniatures, or NESTLÉ Milk Chocolate JINGLES
* Flake coconut (optional)
* Craft hot glue gun with craft hot glue sticks (optional)
Visit here to get the rest of the details!

Gingerbread Candytown Dessert Plates

Candytown Dessert Plates. Perfect for holiday goodies, these candytown dessert plates have a fun gingerbread man design. The little Gingers have the cutest faces with big bright eyes and smiles! Use them to serve snacks at your next Christmas party or create festive cookie gifts for friends and neighbors. Paper. (8 pcs. per set) 7″. Not too late to order for the upcoming holiday!